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  1. Newbie Advice
    What would be the average weight for a 17 month old snake (1 yr and 5 months) and of a length of roughly 90cm/35.5" be? (Male corn)
  2. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi. New here but had tortoises and terrapins ages. Anyway i have a male spurthigh tortoise approx 13 year old. As clockwork we take to vets to get pre hibination check. Vet (not a tortoise specialist) wormed ect and told us his underweight so avoid hibination. 1st time ive used this vet and our...
  3. Lizards
    I have got a juvenile beardie and just want to know how long it will take for him to get fully grown,and how long he will be in cm thanks :2thumb:
  4. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi folks, I purchased a CB12 leopard tortoise in January, here are my records of his growth rate. Is this rate ok? Not too fast or too slow? SPARTACUS WEIGHTS & MEASURES Spartacus purchased 19/01/14 Basking bulb... ARCADIA 100w D3 UV 27/01/14 weight... 128g measurement...
  5. Lizards
    Everyone seems to ask about clipping but no one seems to ask about how long they should be before clipping. I've googled around for a fair bit but can't find any advice. I've never clipped his nails and he seems happy and they don't seem overly long so this is in some respects of academic...
  6. Snakes
    This is just something I've been wondering about. Apart from length, what do you use to differentiate between boas and pythons? Is there something about their heads? Thanks :)
  7. Snakes
    Three snakes same length 2,65 metres , all the other differents. BOA C. female , 4 years old , 16 kilos...
  8. Snakes
    how big are they at a year old? will a 3 ft * 3 ft * 2 ft viv last for all their life? are they semi arboreal for all of their life? cheers
  9. Snakes
    Hey guys, how do you take measurements of weight and length of your snakes??? Our CRB just will not stop moving! Although he has stopped trying to kill us, which is nice :P But he's just so inquisitive, he wants to climb up the bed, or the door, or our arms, it's just impossible to get him to...
  10. Snakes
    How do you guys measure your snakes? I'm having a lot of trouble trying to keep records of my snakes growth. They're just too damn wriggly. The best I have at the moment is measuring their sheds which I know is not accurate as they stretch. I have a flexible measuring tape but I'm useless at...
  11. Newbie Advice
    I'm looking to get my first Crested Gecko in April, and am currently shopping around for the required set up and accessories :) If I got a Gecko that was a few months old, would a 30x30x45 Exo Terra Suffice? If it did, how long would it last? Or should I invest in a 60x45x45 Exo Terra and let...
  12. Snakes
    My Darwin is around about two years old, maybe a couple of months more. I know every snake is different, but if you could have a guess what would the average weight and length for that age be? What's good for breeding?
  13. Snakes
    Hi guys, I created a chart a while back that Ive been using. You can use it all year around and can keep records of monthly weight/length data of up to 7 snakes. You can always print off as many as you need if your collection goes over 7 but im not expecting this to be a huge hit anyway just...
  14. Snakes
    Hey guys, my girlfriend has a spare 4x2x2 Vivarium and has always wanted a boa, i believe the maximum length snake to put into that vivarium would be 6foot. So my question is, Which Boa's could be housed in that vivarium? Thanks, Ben.
  15. Snakes
    Hey all, I have a 5 month old burmese python and he seems a little small to me....... as you can see he is nearly 33inches long (2ft 9inches), Is this about right? Thankyou! : victory:
  16. Snakes
    Is it true that Hogg Island boas are extinct in the wild? Also does anyone know there approx length?
  17. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi guys, I was just curious about the length and weight of my Horsfield Tortoise, I think I read somewhere about some sort of graph/ratio sort of thing to measure your tortoise too, I was just wondering if someone had the link or graph for it? My guy is 10.1cm in length, and weighs 264 grams...
  18. Lizards
    My beardie, is about 12-14 months old, he measures 15"exactly, and weighs 275g - 280g had him his whole life... just ive seen people with 10 month old beardies at 20 inches! Does he look healthy? Is something wrong?
  19. Lizards
    How big is your Bearded Dragon? Mine is currently 8 months old and sitting just a smidge under 21 inches (snout to tail tip) is this normal :blush: Anyway how big is yours and what age is it? Lets try and get an average :2thumb:
  20. Snakes
    I've looked in the "Sticky's" for info on relative length/age/weight but couldn't seem to find anything so I was just wondering if anyone could offer any info on what sort of weights/lengths my corn should be for her (guessing its a she!) age?! We were told she was 10 weeks old when we got her...
1-20 of 42 Results