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leo genetics
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  1. Genetics
    hey guys, im looking to brred leos for the first time in 2012, what would i get from a tremper albino[f] x a jungle[m], tremper albino[f] x Tremper Albino het blizzard[m] tremper albino[f] x sunglow[m] . unfortunatly no known hets for the tremper albino female, sunglow or the jungle...
  2. Lizards
    I am hoping someone can advise on a book or something on the WWW that is a good place to start understanding genetics and identifying Leopard Geckos. I have the Wiki pages and the Morph calculator these are not helping to identify the Morph. I thought getting me head around Gouldians was a...
  3. Genetics
    Ok So... I bought my wife a bell albino leopard gecko this week to go with our others. Just wondering what other morph to put with it when its old enough to breed? i havnt done much research on leo genetics so wanted to know what everyone thought. Cheers Fallen
  4. Genetics
    hey, well as im still learning about leo genetics i could do with a bit of help deciding on hets for my hatchlings. the dad is a hypo tangerine, and as i now know he is het tremper albino.. he was paired with a blazing blizzard which i know carries the albino gene.. my question is, the...
1-4 of 4 Results