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leo help
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    I have a possible female Leo about 5-6 months old and I was going to get another female but an albino supersnow baby how would I put them in same tank would they fight or what I no you can have them together but I didn't no if they had to grow up together ??????
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    Over the last week my leo has completely gone off food and wont touch a thing, she hasnt lost any weight but her behaviour is alot different as well and at night is constantly clawing at the door of her viv wanting out.. Is this normal???.. her temps are all fine 32-33 at warm end and 22-25C on...
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    hey guys im hoping im worrying over nothing but my leo being pooing normal but tonight i saw he had pooped but it was a long soft poo about 2 an half inch long with a urine pellet he has been eating mealies and roaches last few days and about 10 mealies a day with 3 roaches. he's active still...
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    Urgent help needed one of my leo's snowbelle is having fits all the time well fits is the best way to describe this serious matter but yesterday when i picked her up for her handle she was shaking and couldnt walk or eat? thats strange for her.. i also watched her poop some white gunge out if...
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    hi have had a female leo for a while now and want to add my viv is two and a half ft by one and a half ft by a ft think i can have three in a viv this size but would it be ok to add a new leo now dont want to upset my current leo any help would be great as im looking tomorrow at a mack snow thanks
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    A little stuck i bought 2 leos at donnie show , the set up is all correct but neither of the leos r eating getting worried now any suggestions
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    hello all had a leo left on my doorstep by some one around my area i would presume as i am known for keeping reps. but im a snake and phib kinda guy and this leo has a white growth coming out of the eye. what is it and is it treatable?
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    One of my Geks is down to 32g she used to be over 60g and one of my best layers, I have been trying overe the last week to get her to eat but she just wont, the best weve done is to force 1 waxworm down and not much else, I dont know whay she is like this because the male she is in with is a...
1-8 of 8 Results