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leo morph
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    So, i was just wondering a dreamsicle is a mack snow enigma tremper eclipse patternless stripe correct? Is it still a dreamsicle if its supersnow instead of just mack snow?. On a recent post ive explained how i always have trouble with genetics never can grasp it.
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    I'm pretty sure Violet (the heavier) is a norm but what morph is Amber? The pics don't really bring out the colours but they both have strong yellows with carrot tails. Unfortunately after 3 years I'm going to have to part with them but have never really known how to describe them? Violet Amber
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    What moph is my baby leo?
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    Been thinking about a Leo for a few days a mate of mine has just hatched some.. Wondering what this morph is and if it's worth getting? Cheers guys :notworthy: Been told murphy patternless het tremper. I know there's no way to prove hets but I'm clueless on morphs!
  5. Genetics
    Someone told me this might be an enigma, i have no idea what im looking for. She is a bit slow and not the smartest animal. this pics make her look a bit more yellow that normal. Any help????
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    hi, could someone please take a look at my albums, im struggling to find out what morphs my leos are. it doesn't really matter to me just curious. ive been told that my male is a high yellow lavender???, but dont know what the females are. any help would be much the way they all...
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    Another morph question. I bought this little Un as female, he isn't female. To begin with I was thinking Talbino, but today a friend pointed out that his head and tail are almost White, which I hadn't really noticed before, I put it off as baby colours, but he is no longer a baby. What would...
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    Hi all, we brought a little Tremper Albino in Nov last year from CREAKS and she doesnt look like other trempers as she has very faint bands not like others we have saw also she quite orange. Just wondered your views on her morph. Thanks CR
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    Can someone identify the young leo in the 9th picture Pictures by smokay1 - Photobucket
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    Hi all i just wanna know your thoughts on some morphs: just so i can match them to what i was told, thanks. Leo 1: Leo 2: Thanks all.
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    Hi, looking for confirmation on one of my morphs, not seen any others quite like her. Thanks
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    Hey I hatched my first leopard gecko's during the week. The parents were a normal male to a mac snow female and I got a albino and a weird one. It's white and black stripped and has no yellow in it. and I got this the other day too thanks for any help
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    Hiya was wondering if he is truely a blazing tremper albino blizzard or something else as he doesnt seem like a tipical bb to me... but I could be wrong thats why I'm asking you fine people :2thumb: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    Can anyone tell me what morph you thing my leo might be, i know what the shop told me , but im not too sure now.
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    Could you please tell me what morph George is?? Would he be classed as a normal? I'm sorry I have no idea I just go for what I like the look of :blush: Thanks
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    can anyone help me with the morph off my leo please? :2thumb: Thanks
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    Hi just wondered if there were any websites where I could compare hatchling leos to see what morphs mine are as they are not what I expected, parents are supposedly normal male, normal female and the normal male to shct female. Can't put pics up yet but will try to get some up later. Thanks Liam
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    Hi this is my lovely leo pebbles climbing her background wall can anyone tell me what type of morph she is? Thanks :flrt:
  19. Genetics I have no idea what they are, i've got two exactly the same.. The cameras a bit crap so theres no clear pic of the eyes but ther're sort of red snake eyes ? Not like tremper snake eyes but not full red. Mums a Mac het bell, Dads...
1-20 of 24 Results