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leopar gecko
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    Hi, I have 2 5 year old female (breeder and vet confirmed) leopard geckos housed together. They have been housed together since they were 6 months old with no problems. Both eat normally and nothing has changed in their habitat (40 gal long). All of a sudden tonight I saw the the one (Kif) on...
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    For sale are a adult mack snow female £30 Adult mack tremper albino male £40 Can email photos
  3. Lizards
    Hi all, I was actually intending to remove my male leo from his two girls before breeding season this year but somehow time got away from me......and now I have eggs : ) I'm happy to hatch them but I am tight on time this year so ideally don't want too many. So, if I take my male out now will...
  4. Lizards
    Hello this is my second year breeding leopard geckos and everything has been going well already have loads of eggs incubating I'm working on a new project and I have been waiting for a certain female to ovulate, she finally did at the start of this month she is a proven breeder and is nice and...
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    has anyone got any for sale? or even hoping to produce one?
  6. Lizards
    Seems putting in the morph calculator, Male sunglow tremper het raptor & Female dreamsicle, is to much for my phone to process stupid thing! So anyone with any knowledge or a working morph calculator, would you be so kind to help. Sorry guys.
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    Iv had this proven pair for a couple of years now but sadly i haven't got time to care for these guys due to my new job. please PM offers and more pictures are on my account. Im on the west/east midland boarder. Male- snow Albino poss het Raptor Bought from Welsh Reptile Breeders at...
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    wanted to swap large viv 4ft by 2ft by 2ft with good light thermostat, ceramic bulb and cage , for a pair or trio of leopard geckos , am in Dorset
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    Hi there looking for a male leopard gecko preferably around glasgow or scotland looking to breed with my super hypo giant het radar female so if anyone has any for sale or anyone in glasgow is selling any geckos get in touch thanks :2thumb:
  10. Lizards
    hi i just got some leopard gecko's but i got some that i'm not shore on the morphs, can anyone help? 1) 2) 3) 4)
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    hi everyone.just wanted to hear a few opinions on the various leo morphs,personally i cant think of a nicer leo than a jungle,normal morph,i dont see the appeal of the likes of an albino leo.for me it misses the appeal of keeping a leo, the vibrant colours and patterns.i can sort of see why...
  12. Genetics
    what would i get if i bred a SHTCT to a mack hypo? p.s. i'm pretty sure i already know but i would like other people to tell me so that i can confirm
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    female leopard gecko bred this year by my from a SHT female and high yellow male is ready for collection eats poos and sheds fine
  14. Lizards
    The wait is KILLING ME! She is off her food, living in the lay box, digging in the lay box...and noting, she did only mate 17 days ago but, OMG. The breeder I got her from said she was a '14 day layer' LIES! I cannot stand waiting. Someone on here said it could be 2 weeks, could be 6 weeks...
  15. Genetics
    Hi all, I Have a Super Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko, absolutly stunning boy (but I am bias :whistling2:) Will get a decent picture and add later :2thumb: What morph female would be best suited for him? I was told to try and get a tangerine tornado but this is impossible for me to find...
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    Hi For personal reasons I have to sell my collection of reptiles. Today I have for sale Leopard geckos breeding group, there are 13 females and 5 males. Females : 5 Hypo - 4 of them are Het Tremper Albino 3 Classic - 2 of them are Het Tremper Albino 4 Super Hypo - 2 of them are Het Tremper...
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    Hi I have a young pair of leos showing nice bright colours eating, pooping and shedding will swap for bearded dragon !!
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    can anyone help ? i'm after a female or 2 for breeding this year. i dont mind on morph per sa, but i'd really love a mack snow or super snow :) if you have ANY females for sale please contact me (must be breeding weight) :notworthy: i can collect if you're near by or can collect from kempton...
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    could anyone please help me with what morph my 3 gorgeous leopard geckos. first gecko
1-19 of 24 Results