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leopard gecko eggs
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  1. Lizards
    So I have 5 Leo’s, 3 females and 2 males. All three of my girls were pregnant, and have laid half of their batches so far. I had an incubator which was a plastic container with an egg rack from Amazon, and a total of 7 eggs died in there. I recently got a 70 dollar hova-bater, and my eggs did...
  2. Lizards
    I have a couple off eggs in the incubator they were looking fertile and doing well but have developed mould on the outside. Does this mean they are dead and wont hatch out? the last two I incubated hatched ut no problem and did not go mouldy at any stage, They were the first I had ever...
  3. Lizards
    didnt think the eggs would arrive today! can i incubate them with coco fibre???? please help!!!
  4. Lizards
    I have 2 leopard gecko eggs that have been in the incubator for 13 days! I have candled them and they are a reddish colour which look fertile to me! However both eggs have caved in slightly! But they do not have any mould or anything growing on them! Are these eggs bad or is it common for them...
  5. Lizards
    So my new geckos I got last sunday and the Phantom has laid 2 eggs today I've just spotted them. Popped them in the incubator using hatchrite never used that before. I believe they're infertile as they were yellow when I candled them. She's been living with the male Phantom before I got them Let...
  6. Lizards
    My Leopard gecko laid 2 eggs 55 days ago. Should she have laid a second clutch by now? I can see white patches in her belly but I have no idea what I'm looking for really lol as her first clutch was unexpected.
  7. Lizards
    I am in my first season of breeding leopard geckos. I have been incubating at 82. So far I have seven hatchings all hatched at 62/63 days. But the next two eggs although fertile and swollen have not hatched yet, 68 days should I be concerned? Help!!!
  8. Breeding
    Im incubating my leopard gecko eggs at 82f, they are now 30 days old. When should I start to expect them hatching. I'm thinking I should start buying extra heat mats and hatchling rubs in preparation, however I'm still not sure if eggs are fertile as eggs were laid 2 weeks after I got my Leo...
  9. Lizards
    How often do leopard geckos lay eggs?? My Leo laid 2 eggs (one fertile, one possibly infertile) 3 weeks ago. I've read on average 2-3 weeks but can be as long as 5 weeks. Just wondered what people have experienced. Since laying she has put on 6g each week and I can see more eggs inside her I'd...
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    My leopard gecko laid two eggs this morning both were on the heat mat. One looks quite dry and is a little shivered up the second is very pump and looks good I have put both in the incubator anyway. But what do you think well they be any good?
  11. Breeding
    I've had my leo poppy for 2 weeks and woke up the other morning to find these... The one on the right has veins visible (and more have been developing since poppy laid it) does this mean its definately fertile? The left egg has no veins that i can see and is longer in shape. What do you all think?
  12. Breeding
    If I was to make an incubator for my leopard gecko eggs what equipment would I need. I was thinking of using one of those drinks fridges. I have a dimmer thermostat. Are heat bulbs or mats better? Any thing else I'd need?
  13. Breeding
    I've got leopard gecko eggs in the GEO tubs in my incubator. I just went to add sone extra water and stupidly tipped too much in. My eggs have just been sat surrounded by water. Will it have done them harm? :( Can't believe I was so stupid.
  14. Breeding
    I'm going to incubate my Leo eggs at 27 degrees, does anyone have a rough idea how long they'll take to hatch? I'm guessing more than 60 days but not quite 90 days? Thanks guys :)
  15. Breeding
    can someone please tell me how i can tell if my leopard gecko eggs are fertile
  16. Lizards
    Yesterday morning I collected two eggs that my albino Leo had laid. I am incubating for females. I have heard people say something along the lines of that the temperature of the first four weeks of incubation determines the sex, and that after that time the temperature can be increased to speed...
  17. Lizards
    Well dropped my OH at work this morning and popped in to see my mum for a while came home to find the electric had gone :( I have Two eggs in the incubator whats the likley hood that they have survived? when i ran upstairs the temp was 66*F and im guessing electric went no more than 2 hours...
  18. Breeding
    I have three leos two females, one male i recently was told via a thread that i shudnt attempt to breed because they were in a poorly condition when i got them and required a lotof work to get them back to health. Although i had the females and male seperate i was aware they had been bred this...
  19. Lizards
    Hey guys i bought a female Leo from the pet shop the other day and put her in my setup as normal, a few days later i looked in her cave and there was 2 eggs,now the pet shop didnt know she was gravid so i didnt know,anyway as shocked as i was i didnt have an incubator or anythin so i went...
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    they should hatch any day now and one of them is getting larger and a little yellowish in color. Is this normal?? it should hatch if it hatches at all over the next few days. Im not sure if it is fertile or not. If it doesn't hatch in a few days does that mean it is infertile or gone bad? How...
1-20 of 25 Results