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leopard geckos female
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    Selling for a friend 0.2 adult leopard geckos very tame and will come to you when you open the viv prefer them to go together as theyve been together since hatching £70 the pair
  2. Lizards
    I have 5 started with 2 a couple and figured it was ok to let them live in the same tank well now that I see how sexual the male is and that my female laid 2 eggs and is now very skinny I removed him. The eggs did not make it. Any how I got another couple male and female the female is way bigger...
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    two female leopard geckos, named fanta (hatched june 2008) and Cola (hatched july 2008) by the breeders , sarah andpete very easy to handle, although both can be a bit skittish at times in recent months, cola has become a bit of a bully to fanta, and has...
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    heyyya looking for some leo's around Hampshire area around the yearish mark age or older female and males pm me with details and pictures
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    heyyya selling for a mate. :welcome: he has two lovely leopard geckos for sale. well handled, tame. good for a first lizard. willing to sell leopard geckos on there own, and willing to sell the tanks on there own. email me want you want... can breed now. includes= first leopard gecko...
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    theses are two cages of leopard geckos, biggest one has 3 in and smaller one has 2 leos in EVE eating some mealworms mango is the tangerine/carrot tail leo and wallie in the bckground mangos, wallie's, and EVE's cage
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    hiya after some leopard geckos aged around a year female and males leopard geckos not looking for breeding them ( well maybe in a years time or a bit longer than that) as i just want a bigger collection of leopard geckos as i have built a viv stack and its unused, and i love leopard geckos...
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    Been her before, only a couple a' days ago. Decided, Just want any female leos, Funky ones would be rather funky, but most are welcome. I'm 16, so none of you crazy people with your mad Leo prices. I want a tangerine, but not willing to pay a retarded price. Also, 1 year minimum. I'm...
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    hiya want some leos aged about 1year ish dont mined want morph !!! and sex will pay up to £45 each but will be in a week or 2 weeks time to collect as need vivariums, which building now
  10. Lizards
    I got a new Loe from a petshop. I have never brought from there before but she seemed heathey enough. I put her in with my other female and the both of them got on brilliant, no fights or anything. Gizy (frist female) eats fine, as times you cant stop her eating. The only things gizy wont eat is...
1-10 of 10 Results