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leopard snake
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    I have two 2017 male Leopard Snakes (Zamenis situla) for sale. They have been hibernated over winter and are now just starting to feed. Still quite rarely found in the UK. I will be travelling from York to Taunton this weekend, so can deliver en-route. Reply to this advert here, or txt me on...
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    I have one last pair of 2016 Leopard snakes (Zamenis situla) left. They are an unrelated pair - the male is striped, the female spotted. This pair will produce a mix of striped and spotted young when bred together. I may be able to deliver depending on location. As I don't have internet at home...
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    I have a trio of Leopard snakes for sale, one male (2014) and two females (2015). All these snakes are strong feeders, and are fit and healthy. I have full records detailing all feeds and sloughs etc since they hatched. These snakes are still not too common in the UK. I'm happy to sell these as...
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    Leopard snakes, 2015 hatchlings, feeding, good bright markings. From unrelated parents. £140.00 pair Aesculapian snakes, breeding group consisting of one male and two females, all unrelated. One of the females is melanistic (black) and stunning. Beautiful snakes, both females bred and raised...
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    I have a number of this year's female Leopard snakes (Zamenis situla) for sale, as well as one of last year's males. I also have one of this year's Ladder snakes (Rhinechis scalaris) which also probes as a female. I'm asking £60 for these beautiful snakes, which includes the yearling male. I...
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    I am looking for a striped male Leopard snake (Zamenis situla). I have a striped female that will probably be big enough to breed next year - so looking for a male for her.
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    Last few cb 2014 leopard snakes available, most likely males. Captive bred certificate available with purchase if required. Will consider exchange for striped leopards. Email me for any further details. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Newbie Advice
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have joined up to ask specifically about Leopard Rat Snakes. Been wanted to get hold of a pair for some time and have an empty viv ready, but the only breeder I've found is Charlotte Wilford of AC Snakes who says she no longer keeps them. Does...
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    I have two of this year's Leopard Snakes (Zamenis situla) available. £60 for the pair (sexed as 1.1) - I may be able to deliver too.
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    I have a 2010 male Leopard snake (Zamenis situla) available. He is the offspring of my breeding pair of situla, and I have decided to replace him with an unrelated female striped situla for future breeding. He is perfectly fit and healthy (has just sloughed) and is currently feeding on fuzzies...
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    I'm currently looking for a female striped Leopard Snake (Zamenis situla), any age/size considered. I have a 2010 blotched male, as well as this years young (not yet hatched) available in exchange if wanted.
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    Young adult male leopard snake, Zamenis situla, 3 - 4 years old, captive-bred by me, hibernated every winter but never used for breeding. Approx 30" long. Very good feeder - no problems at all - on previously frozen small weaners or large fuzzies. Please see photo of actual snake. Pick up...
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    do you ever see any around at all? or anyone suggest a small rat snake thats comes up every now n then on here,not corn too common as in corn,im looking for something a bit different. ive got spotted python on its way ,and want something else that is small, reasonably placid but not...
  14. Introductions
    Hello everyone, first of all, great site with tons of very useful info :) I would like to introduce me and my girlfriend Erika since we'll mostly be using my account here :) We're biology students at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and we're both interested in the herpetofauna of Europe...
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    I am looking fro Leopard Snakes (Elaphe situla). Prefer sub adults or adults but would consider 08 as well. Can travel to collect as centrally based in Birmingham and regularly travel to Leeds and Reading. PM sexs, ages, location and pictures if possible and we could take it from there. Cheers!!
1-15 of 15 Results