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leopard tortoise
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    Hello, I have a 10 year old leopard tortoise. His 9" long and weighs 3kg. Iam trying to figure out approx what size and weight he should be for his age?? anyone have any info please?
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    Listing on behalf of my dad who's just recently lost his wife and he's now needing to sell a few animals. Please see other listings.Having trouble uploading pics, so please pm for more details. Small unsexed leopard tortoise 12 months old
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    Listing on behalf of my dad having just lost his wife and needing to sell a few animals. For sale pair of leopard tortoises 3 years old. Can't upload another pic as don't know how to make he file smaller :bash:
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    Hi, I've been looking into natural substrates and I think I've settled on a soil/sand mix. Some have recommended a loam compost/sand mix, I was wondering if normal topsoil and playsand would be ok, especially when it gets planted up, what is everyones thoughts? Thought maybe a ratio of 50/50 or...
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    Female adult Leopard tortoise for sale, these tortoises do not hibernate and can grow very large, so require plenty of space, She is strong and eats well. I will be happy to send via reputable reptile courier if you organise collection. £250 ono
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    Large Blonde Leopard Tortoise 10 years old Female Very healthy and large Please inbox for more info
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    Hi guys With regret and time restraints our lovely young leopard tortoise needs a new forever home! she has a full set up and is healthy and eats like a horse! I will get some pictures put up soon, just at work! Message me if interested and you would like to come and view Many thanks Tony
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    hi all do Leopard Tortoise need any paperwork? just curious thanks for your help?
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    Hiya i got a young leopard tortoise last april and i have only just been able to find out that she was born in 2013. Here are some pictures of her and can any of you tell me if she is looking healthy as i have been a little worried about her. She eats fine (i feed her a mix of hay/weeds/greens)...
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    3 year old leopard tortoise with viv, heat and light (UV). Viv is a bit old and tatty, but works fine for keeping a baby tortoise in. I use viv's until they are 7-8cm plastron length and then move them to a tortoise table as the viv's stay a bit warmer over night. Always fed a healthy diet...
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    Healthy 10 y/o Leopard Tortoise for sale. Fairly pale example. Slight pyramiding of shell, but nothing compared to most. Always been fed a healthy, grass heavy diet appropriate for the breed and always had UV (megaray and tube) and access to outside during summer and the sun. Approx 22cm...
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    Can anybody share their enclosures/housing of an older leopard tortoise (15+)
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    All male troop 5 of remain. Either selling for offers over £250 each or for male adult sulcata / Aldabras either way....
  14. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    I recently baught my first tortoise. It's about three months old now and I've had it for about a week. It's eyes seem to be somewhat glued shut after it naps. I've been applying clean warm water to the eye to help it open which has worked every time, but today it happened to both eyes, one...
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    9 year old female leopard tortoise Approx 16" stunning tortoise very good eater selling as we have sold our male 07821727358 Can be delivered across the uk from £19.99
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    Wanted adult male leopard tortoise, please PM with what you have, thanks!
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    I have 11 beautiful leopard tortoise ready for their new homes, they are 9 months old now and well established. These will require year round heat and uv, forever homes only please.. Cheers Mm
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    Hi Does anyone know of a UK breeder of leopard tortoises please? I have two one male one female I believe they are 4 and 5 years old I've been told but I'm not convinced I just wanted to see if anyone can age them for me at all please Any help appreciated Thanks
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    Looking for a leopard tortoise To go with my other to keep him company
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    gorgeous high white leopards sex unknown,indoor table with all lights and substrate, fed entirely on weeds and grasses £300 for both with or without table, also outdoor enclosures £120 large one and £80 small text 07943840875 if interested warrington pick up
1-20 of 135 Results