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leucistic texas rat snake
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    hi! i’m new to this site and thought i’d share some pictures of my texas rat snake, Mune! he’s about 3 months old (hatched at the end of October 2020), is the most docile baby ever, and has the sweetest little bug eyes. no worries, his big moon eyes don’t cause him any harm or discomfort...
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    1.1 Mexican Black King snakes (Will only sell the pair together) £150 1.1 Leucistic Texas Rat snakes CB'15 (Will only sell the pair together) £100 0.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB'14 £60 0.0.1 Taiwan Beauty Snake CB'14 £15 0.1 Northern Pine Snake CB'14 £20 Mexican Blacks are in cooling for another...
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    My newly purchased snake from rfuk member 944_uk :flrt:
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    Leucistic Texas Rat Snake plus 4' x 18" x 18" viv, mats etc. Sadly due to redundancy I need to re-home some of my animals. I would say he is around 5 years old and 5' in length, great temprament when out of the viv but mega naggy when in . Any questions please ask.
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    I'm interested in buying a Leucistic Texas Rat Snake. If anyone has one for sale please pm me, preferably in the bedfordshire area, as I don't have a car at the moment. If not I am willing to pay petrol or pay for a courier depending on distance. Cheers Darrell
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    Leucistic Texas Rat Snake Pair, Both perfect condition,both eating, sheding regular, I've spent a lot of time with these snakes so there both very relaxed when being handeled and are used to being out quite often, Male is 6ft +,07cb Female is 5ft,08cb Would make a excellent breeding pair Any...
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    I am looking for leucistic texas rat snake of breeding age or is not far from breeding age pm with offers with what you have got for sale. MANY THANKS Alex
1-7 of 7 Results