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liasis savuensis
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    0.1 Savu Island Python (Liasis savuensis) - £170 ono Adult, WC animal, estimated 8yrs old. 4ft long, beautiful, flawless skin and extremely strong with an aggressive feeding response. She has a damaged left eye (see pics) from her importation in 2006/07 and is blind on that side. Completely...
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    She was sold to me as a one-eyed, fussy feeder.. Well, she has definitely only got one functional eye. As for the fussyness.. :2thumb: Tom
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    Hello, Any and all information on these snakes required for a friend's (successful) breeding project. if anyone can put me onto good references or hass personal knowledge please get in touch. Thanks,
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    saw these in a book the other day...does anyone have them? i'd be curious to see
1-4 of 4 Results