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    Preferably CB10-11 Thanks
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    Anyone breeding white lipped pythons this year? If not do you know of any breeders that are? I'm pretty set on this snake but want a new hatch CB11 rather than a slightly older one. Cheers in advance!
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    So after telling me I can't have anymore pets my land lady has changed her mind and agreed that another snake wouldnt cause any issues ... it's not like it's going to chew through the electrics! I'm looking around for my next snake and I am very interested in white lipped pythons. I've been...
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    I have regrettably decided to sell my adult pair of northern white lipped pythons. The pair is presumably long term captive animals and are well over 5 years old. The reason for sale is that I want to concentrate more on my retics and so I need the space. This pair is now up to breeding size...
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    The other day I went into an exotic pet shop and came across one of these beautiful snakes and I couldn't resist picking it up. I felt bad for the poor animal as I could see the tank they had set up for it was not sufficient. I had no idea at the time exactly how much they were neglecting the...
1-5 of 5 Results