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  1. Spiders and Inverts
    This is myself in a swamp envoirement recording a phonetria species feeding on a large moth forgive the ending commentary :bash: No silly comments people i do this as i enjoy it and i do know what i...
  2. Feeder
    Long story short(not even sure if this is allowed) , im an odd one who enjoys keeping/breeding locusts(just for the fun of it), just got back into it , however I looked around and saw the prices on some sites and thought I'm missing out lol. There like little pound notes haha. So two questions...
  3. Lizards
    Being a beginner at handling locusts, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong? I really struggle to get them out without injuring them - i have both my clumsy hands and some HUGE tongs - I try to be gentle but by the time i have dusted them they don't relly want to move much, which means...
  4. Lizards
    Hi, I've been scouring the forum for the past few months as I'm looking into getting two adut leopard geckos in the near future:) I've owned reptiles previously and have a spare vivarium which I believe is 4x2x2, though it might be a tad smaller. I plan on creating a very natural habitat using...
  5. Lizards
    When should you cut down the three live feeds a day to two? My beardy is almost 16 weeks old now and I've noticed over the last couple of days, he's not eaten his lunchtime hoppers and they're still there in the evening. Then the night before last he found a hopper (it climbed up onto his head)...
  6. Food Classifieds
    Just wondering if there is anyone close to Northfleet, Kent who breed rats as I have a few Royals who I have tried everything with to get them to eat and one of them has dropped to 48g so as a last resort I'm going to try live, but don't breed prey myself. It's kinda urgent, as I don't want to...
  7. Snakes
    After reading another post and seeing the injuries a rat inflicted on a snake I'm wondering, if live feeding do you stun/injure the prey to ensure the snake isn't harmed. I think home dentistry (removing said rodents teeth somehow) would be ideal. Go on call me cruel, I don't feed live...
  8. Feeder
    Would you be able to keep both these live foods in the same container or would they kill each other!l? Ive just got 500 crix and have about 20 morio worms Just wondering as my morios are getting alot of condensation in the tub they came in: victory:.
  9. Feeder
    Dear all, I'm desperately trying to get hold of between 20 and 40 silkworms for the 18th Short notice I know but if anybody can help out it would be greatly appreciated. All the best Jake
  10. Feeder
    Hey guys thanks to the advice you guys have given in the past we made a bulk order of 200 locusts for £21. now my next question has to be, how am i gonna store them. we have a large 18 inch square box which i have cut small holes in, so the locusts can breath. but what do i now need for them to...
  11. Feeder
    Hi i was wondering if anyone can help as i am trying to find out if live food that was reared on rhododendron plant would be toxic to reptiles as i know privet is but wanted to see if i can raise caterpilars on rhododendron then feed them to lizards etc Thanks in advance Nic
  12. Lizards
    Hey Guys Im getting me a crestie soon to add to my others :) but i am wondering if i should use live feed, or use the crestie food u can get in the packs, whats your opinions? If the packs where can i buy them? Thanks Adam
  13. General Herp Chat
    Hello is anyone from the north london/ enfield area and know of any decent rep shops to buy some live food from ? cheers
  14. Feeder
    Please help, I have a beardie and I'm feeding her on 5th grass hopppers and she loves them. However, they die so quickly before I even feed her! I keep them in a live feed plastic box with a lid that has air holes, pretty much like a pet transfer box. I feed the hoppers bug grub, grass and...
  15. Feeder
    Okay, so Ive just got my first dubia colony... well I have 70 roaches. Ive heard previously that feeding oranges encourages breeding... can anyone shed a bit more light on this please? Or is it just a myth? :2thumb:
  16. Lizards
    Hi i got my baby beardie from pets at home a few days ago and i was wondering what live food you feed your beardie? Im currently using silent hoppers but i want to experiment with some other live food sooooooo what do you suggest?
  17. Snakes
    So today has been a very very progressive day... I have had a royal that hasn't eaten in a long time so I thought I would try him with live food (I'm not on here to listen to all the nay sayers on live food)... Finally my royal ate... It was a massive relief... Now I need to wean the guy off...
  18. Feeder
    I KNOW THIS IS IN THE WRONG SECTION BUT IN THE INTEREST'S OF EVERYONE BEING ABLE TO FEED THEIR ANIMALS CAN IT STAY PLEASE? Today 29/12/2010 will see us making a trip to our livefood supplier. If anyone is running short on live food then can they please call the shop after 9.30 this morning and...
  19. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi I am trying to locate some one who sells brown locust and not the normal desert locust if any one can help please can you pm me with details Thanks Nic
1-19 of 21 Results