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live plants
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  1. Amphibians
    I have posted this in the planted habitat section but thought it would go down well here; so have copied the thread here as well origional thread: After 7-8 weeks of building I have...
  2. Planted Vivariums
    After 7-8 weeks of building I have finally finished my latest viv build. I have got through 5 and a half tubes of silicone on this build which is a new record even for me. It is planted mainly with with air plants such as broms and tillandisia. I have used a tree like build as the main focus...
  3. Habitat
    hey there, Am pondering on the thought of livelying up a vivarium with live plants etc, I purchased a book titled 'Natural Terrariums' by Philip Purser, I have given this a read numerous times now and it has some great information on the basic requirements for each type of live planted vivarium...
  4. Planted Vivariums
    Right. This has been a while coming and a while since it's creation. I started it a year ago and have made some changes and improvements based upon what I've learnt and basic trial and error. Props go out to various people for inspiration and education, but mostly to Pendragon (aka Jay)...
  5. Lizards
    Hi, well i finally got my new dragon, ended up with CWD not a AWD because i could not find a single shop selling baby AWD's, ANYWHERE!!!! but he/she (not really sure yet) is great, certainly a fiesty little fella, or shiela. whatever it be! lol. anyway to the point, i had no idea how hard it...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    where can i buy pothos plant i have look all over the place for them.
81-86 of 86 Results