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  1. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hi everyone Dartfrogs Grown on Epipedobates anthonyi froglets, feeding on small and large fruit flies £15 each or 4 for £50 Yellow Terribilis froglets for sale. Over 3 months ootw and colouring up nicely. Feeding on hydei and 1st instar crickets. £40 each or 4 for £140 (or reasonable offer)...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, I'm after an on-line supplier that sells crickets, locusts, waxies and springtails. They either do springtails and not the others or the others and not springtails. Any suggestions please?
  3. Lizards
    Hello, im looking to hookup with anybody in or aro. Bristol area who breeds their own colony/ies of cockroach for feeding their own lizards. Ive tried (& failed) to maintain my own Dubia colony to feed my own Bearded Dragons, so looking to a local person/s to supply me, so i can collect rather...
  4. Food Classifieds
    All prices shown are INCLUSIVE of 1st Class P+P Special delivery will be EXTRA. Hopper Single Packs Small Hoppers (25) £4.99 Medium Hoppers (20) £4.99 Large Hoppers (15) £4.99 Extra Large Hoppers (10) £4.99 Hopper Super Packs Small Hoppers (50) £5.45 Small Hoppers (75) £6.77 Small Hoppers...
  5. Food Classifieds
    NEW LOW PRICES!! Small Dubia 5-8mm 100 small dubia £9.40 200 small dubia £13.90 300 small dubia £19.50 400 small dubia £24.50 500 small dubia £28.00 Medium Dubia 8-20mm 100 medium dubia £12.00 200 medium dubia £19.00 All prices include 1st class recorded delivery. Cheers guys :2thumb:
  6. Feeder
    Hey folks, what size tub and heatmat do I need to start off a dubia colony? I have read all the caresheets but I'm looking for something a bit more specific as I'm a noob at this stuff and want to get it all ordered asap Thanks for looking Cheers
  7. Feeder
    Currently doing an assignment, part of it is to mention how you would source different vitamins and minerals for your reptile. Keep looking on google, but its crap!! So does anyone know what vitemins and minerals crickets, locust, mealworms, wax worms provide for the bearded dragon. tried...
  8. Food Classifieds
    Standard tubs of crickets (all sizes), locusts (all sizes), waxworms, mealworms, morio worms all 1.39 a tub. Calciworms, roaches and fruitfly cultures all 1.89 a tub. Bulk livefoods also available. Postage and packaging charges at or below cost. No hidden charges or fees. No half full tubs...
  9. Food Classifieds
    I'm able to supply cheap live and frozen foods. i can do it cheaper then any of my local repshops and can deliver locally for free or people are welcome to collect. I won't be having any stock levels so its going to be on a pre order basis. At this time i won't be entertaining the idea of...
  10. Habitat
    Hello i am going to be making a 21ft by12ft building to house livefoods as im running out of room in the beetle room. I was thinking of building a shed but i now think it would be best to build with brick to save in the long run with electric bills. Has anyone built anything like this and can...
  11. Feeder
    I just received my first order from,and am suprised by the quality i ordered 100 large hoppers and there was only 1 dead a tub ov large meal worms 100% all alive the only problem I had was with the fruit beetle grubs all dead I new these were going to be hit and miss with the...
  12. Shop Classifieds
    Hi we are a new online shop called PRK Live Foods, We stock and sell the F10 range of products as well as some reptile supplements, we also sell frozen foods. Our bulk live food prices start at £5.99 and our live food tubs cost £1.80 we also sell to the trade pm or email us for prices. We...
  13. Food Classifieds
    As in the title Visit Here PRK Live Foods Ash
  14. Snakes
    Hi all, For those of you that dont know me my name is ash and i run PRK Live Foods:2thumb: Basically im finding myself in a predicament, Alot of people are asking me about frozen foods, What im yet to find out is how many people buy them, what quanties people buy And if its really worth...
  15. Food Classifieds
    Hi Guys, We are a new website called PRK Live Foods, Check Us out, Delivery from £2.50 BTW £1.39 is a standard not sale price! Cheers Ash
  16. Classified Chat
    New online shop now open, Selling primarilary livefoods. Great prices and good postage rates. All orders sent in boxes and well packed. Check us out, You wont be dissapointed. Ash
  17. Food Classifieds
    Finally the website its almost 100% up and running on the livefoods front, and to celebrate the event we're having a £1 per tub megasale on all livefood tubs ! As the locusts are not bred by ourselves any orders with locust on will be held and sent out on a Thursday. postage price are 2.49...
  18. Food Classifieds
    Cockroach Live food tubs These are very good for your reptiles & inverts much better for your reptiles then crickets. They have been gutloaded and are ready to use. Non climbers small 15 £1.99p 30 £3.29p med 10 £1.99p 20 £3.29p Large 7 £1.99p 11 £3.29p extra Large 1"+ 5 £1.99p 9 £3.29p XXL 2-3"...
1-18 of 38 Results