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    I have several bearded dragon hatchlings for sale. All eating and growing well. Around 6 weeks old. Will have more in a few weeks and a few months. Both parents available to see. Currently eating cockroach nymphs and chopped up dandelion leaves.
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    anyone got any bearded dragons for sale in area
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    i am considering selling my hypo super translucent micro-scaled leather back bright orange juvinile bearded dragon female if i get a sensible offer. she has a toe nip she is of the highest quality blood line parants r apricot and syler from where dragons dwell (wdd) breeders certificate provided...
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    Hi all, :welcome: I have for sale 5 female Beardies, all eating and shedding well, Aprox 10ins long : £30 each or buy all 5 and only pay for 4 :2thumb: now that is a bargine :-)
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    Hi I live in middlesex and I am selling 4 female leatherbacks and 1 male for £45.00 each their red and orange. we also have 3 normal beardies 2 male and 1 female £30.00 each If anyone interested please contact me and i will forward more photos over to you [email protected] Thanks...
  6. Lizards
    Hi I'm new I got a beardie from a broken home and discovered it had not been given supplement for two years! It is small due to lack of feeding and I want to know why consequences are and now that I am feeding loads and supplementing daily will it fatten up or grow more and what foods do u...
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    hi there is a person called "booboo" who has amazing quality baby bearded dragons for sale at great prices all parants r from wdd and all baby's come with papers msg me or booboo for details £10 nonrefundable deposit is required due to the amount of people lettin wayne down!
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    hi im avin trouble findin the red leather back i want so instead i will consider ne leather back that is 4 sale idealy 5 months and up
  9. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi there, i recently adopted two beautiful dragons unfortunatly they are both male and at 11-12 months old just starting to fight, need to rehome one of these guys fairly quickly so they don't start to fight seriously. Hence the price. Lovely condition, just finished shedding and fine with...
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    Hi there folks, looking to sell my lovely Bearded Dragon. He is approx 14/16mths old and very easy to handle, loves being out of viv for a run/walk around and loves attention. He is showing some lovely citrus colourings. only selling as I want to concentrate on my snakes and he needs love and...
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    im very new to reptile keeping (only a few days) and his viv isnt set up propperly, i need heating equiptment, heat mat, stat temp, bulbs etc so i want some one to swap my fish tank tank is 1mtre by 1ft by 2ft, its in great condition, it comes with or without fish, i have 2 filters/pumps...
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    i have a specially built fish tank, i had it made to fit my side board so its an odd size it is a metre long by a ft wide by 2ft tall, i have 2 water filters/pumps to go inside loads of gravel and glass pebles, some real and fake plants, also ornament for the inside... all you need to buy is a...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    im not sur what i need but i know that my tank needs better heating, day an night also a uvb bulb. cheap as possible plz close tobolton any advise greatly appreciated thanks
  14. Lizard Classifieds
    Proven Male Bearded Dragon. Really friendly easy to handle, Lots of energy. Eating very well & shedding fine. Asking £40 for him Can deliver at extra cost within the local area.
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    regretable sale but i need to sell my 13 months old female as i need the room for some new BDs. She is a het hypo (hypo citrus x red). She loves being handled and running around as if she owns the house :lol2:. She will eat anything salad, livefood, friut, veg you name it she will eat it. Make...
  16. Lizards
    i have 2 male bearded dragons i love them but i cant put up with them anymore! everyday one will chase and bite the other. Theres only so much i can take im fed up moving him away every 2mins. i cant watch em everyday, i have to work. I dont want to separate them. i dont know what else to do. im...
1-16 of 16 Results