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    Stunning Female Yemen Chameleon, Shes 2 years old, will come out onto your arm and eat bugs out of your hand, shedding, pooing and eating as she should, Very Friendly Message me for details
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    Hi everyone :-) I am wanting a lizard with full setup. Would love a Chameleon but anything considered. Thanks.
  3. Lizards
    Hi I am breeding my Nosy Be X Ambilobe with an Ambanja and a Ankify "Orana Mena" X Ambilobe To follow the progress and to get hold of one of theses STUNNING babies ADD Blizard Chameleon | Facebook
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    Hi I have 3x CHAMELEON books..... 1# (Barron's) A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Chameleons. 2# (Barron's) Reptile Keeper's Guides Jackson's and veiled Chameleons. 3# The Guide to Owning Cameleon Species 2x GREEN ANOLE'S books.... 1# Green Anoles Selection,care and breeding. Ray Hunziker 2# The...
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    For Sale: Jacksons Chameleon ( chamaeleo jacksonii xantholophus) 1.0 1 year old male Stunning condition, well fed For more infromation please contact 07794142940 Thanks
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    i only have females left now but all ready to go, eating and shedding fine, i also have some discounted ones @ £10 due to the tips of their tails missing where they were caught on mesh message me for more details or interested
1-6 of 6 Results