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    Included in this sale is; Tank 62cm x 32cm x 30cm with sliding glass center part, also lid is removable. Pro rep heat mat (150 x 280mm 7watts 230volts) Exo terra water dish Hide with two entrances (front and back) think this is also exo terra Tube with hole Rock Folliage Open To Offers...
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    Have for sale my 2 olive tree skinks. 1 is around 6" long, and the second around 4" long (including tails) neither have dropped there tail. the Terrarium they are in at the moment imo just isn't high enough, Its an exo Terra Terrarium. Both are extremely healthy, Eating poo'ing and just gone...
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    Bosc monitor male about 10 mounths now 20 pound with mice Young Bearded dragon free to a good home Inbox me. An only collection
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    i want a new lizard i have a beardie and i hate geckos lol i have a 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot glass tank with a mesh lid i would like it if it was as easy to tame as beardies any suggestions?
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    about 18 months old swap for snake or other reptile or sell
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    due to unforeseen circumstances I am having to reduce my collection very sad sale. Adult female Super Hypo Carrot tail Leopard Gecko, eats like a pig, well handled and sheds well, 55g £50 Cash on collection or happy for buyer to arrange courier.
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    We have a beautiful Mexican red iguana who needs a new home. She doesn't come with her viv as it was a crap viv we inherited and didn't suit her needs. Lizzy is 4yrs old, in perfect condidtion ( has all her tail and scales) and never had sheeting problems since we've had her. Lovely...
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    *For Sale* Proven pair of Normal Bearded Dragons. She laid today a total of 19 eggs. This is her first ever clutch and she did an awesome job as I wasn't expecting this many. They are both healthy and do everything as they should. Here's what they come with: A brand new home made 4x2x2 ft viv...
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    i have been having a look around for a night light something small for night viewing and havent really found much apart from this does anyone have one and what are they likee?
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    Hi I have for sale 2 sub adult bosc monitors. 1 male 1 female around 18 months / 2 years Eating med weaned rats, mice, adult locus, pigs liver, lung, heart,quall eggs etc..... Shedding, Pooing, eating well. Looking for a good home. Very tame £80 each
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    just wondering how often beardy's shed there skin no problems just its my first beardy so would like to know :)
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    i am lookin for a baby red fire and ice bearded dragon to keep my other female happy :) will pay up to £50 cheers
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    i have just got my new beardy 2 days ago and shes about 4 months old. she is my first lizzard and would just like to know whats the ideal temp for the basking and cool sides basking is currently 30c cool side is 24c i am currently using a bright sun uv 35w bulb for her with 14hours daylight...
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    Hi All, i have baby beardies for sale. 6 weeks today so all can go. there is 5 in total at the minute and will be some more on the way. Thanks All Bullybully34
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    for sale akie moniter dont know sex or age but its 19in long eats like a pig
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    Here we have my beloved CWD Enclosure this has been a big part in my life but due to disability and ill health i can not give them the care they need Size of Enclosure is: 5ft x 5ft x 2ft The tank contains 1 x Ceramic heater plus holder 1 x 4ft reptil jungle - 0.5% uvb tube 1 x Light plus...
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    hi ppl was wondering if someone could help, I've had a beardie for 4 months now hes 17 inch from tip to tail. i still cant get his feeding right, how much should he eat on a weekly base. i feed him morio worms mainly with some locusts. he seams to like them but will eat as meany as u can give him
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    Having to sell my 1year old blond crested gecko as i need to down size my collection! she is a lovely gecko and feeds on crested gecko diet and loves live food. Her tale is not perfectly state has a few kinks but as you can see in the pics its not at all bad. Tank is a exo terra 45x45x45 with...