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    Stocklist CORN SNAKES: CB14 Phantom Corn Snake Female £70 CB14 Candy Cane Corn Snake Female £50 CB14 Tessera Corn Snake Female £100 CB14 Lavender Corn Snake Female £60 CB14 Lavender Corn Snakes (x5 Males) £60 Each *OFFER £50* CB14 Stripe Corn Snake Male £40 CB14 Hypo Diffused Stripe Corn Snake...
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    FISH STOCK LIST: 27/03/15: ................................................................................. COLD WATER FISH: Zebra Danio £1.25 Each or 5 for £5 Leopard Danio £1.25 Each or 5 for £5 Yellow Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Goldfish £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Red and Black Goldfish £2.49...
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    Recently white spot has broken out in my tank, I upped my temp to 30 degrees and I bought some interpet white spot remover and it didnt do anything! went back to my LFS yesterday and asked in there and was told to try some waterlife as it was stronger, inperpet was 45micro grams per liter...
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    COLDWATER FISH: Blackmoor £2.99 Red Cap Oranda £2.99 Sarassa Comet £1.99 Calico Shubunkins £2.99 Red and White Goldfish £2.99 White Goldfish £2.99 GoldFish £2.49 Yellow comets £2.49 Black comets £2.49 Red Cap White Goldfish £3.49 Ghost Goldfish £2.99 Calico Ryukin £3.99...
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    I cleaned tank fully today took all fish out etc. The kuli loach vanished the long stripy eel looking things no trace at all of it :s. Last time saw it like a month ago at least just thought was hiding. Did look thin last time saw and not as thick as used be it is 3 yrs old aprox. All the levels...
  6. Fish Keeping
    ok so i turned off my lights and only had them on 3-4 hours a night. This helped a little.... but not much. So i decided to have a look at fish available to withstand a malawi. Plecs are ok, i already have one that does nothing. But they are just too messy in a sand tank... so i bought 4...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a nice healthy chunky red tail black shark anything over 4 inch.
  8. Fish Keeping
    some type of loach but can anybody positively ID it?
  9. Fish Keeping
    My aquarium has been going steadily for almost a year now. We noticed a lot of snails that weren't going away even though we have quite a large yoyo loach that's been around since the beginning. apparently our loach is a vegetarian. That won't do. we got another yoyo loach(now knowing that they...
  10. Fish Keeping
    But i do love him!! Anyway the Lieutenant, as he is known, has a new bizarre habit He gets on top of the filter, which means all his body is out of the water, and then just dangles his head in the water, obv to breathe etc He does it loads!! I know they are covered in a mucus to enable them...
  11. Fish Keeping
    has anyone had any experience with kuhli loach? i currently keep angelfish, dwarf gouramis, platys, mollies, corys and a pleco. ive seem them recently in my LFS and thought they would make a nice addition to my tank but i am unsure whether they will go well with what i keep already...any advice??
1-11 of 11 Results