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  1. Lizards
    Anyone ever used them as a feeder? Let me know your experiences :) Im guessing they're more nutritional than crickets?
  2. Food Classifieds
    3 small cricket tubs of adult lobster roaches and a few nymphs, pickup only
  3. Feeder
    My order I made for 50 discoids turnt up yesterday- open the box and there is a round 100-120 lobster roaches in a regular cricket tub- split them up into 3 cos they looked cramped- dont know if its just the ones I've received but these things smell vile, anything I can do about that? Thinking...
  4. Food Classifieds
    LOBSTER ROACHES (Nauphoeta cinerea) for sale: ADULTS (mixed males/females) ---------------------------------------------- 50 - £4.99 100 - £7.99 250 - £16.99 500 - £31.99 SMALL COLONY ------------------------- 20x Adults 100x Nymphs - mixed sizes - £5.99 MEDIUM COLONY...
  5. Food Classifieds
    LOBSTER ROACHES (Nauphoeta cinerea) for sale: ADULTS (mixed males/females) ---------------------------------------------- 50 - £5.99 100 - £9.99 250 - £19.99 500 - £38.99 SMALL COLONY ------------------------- 20x Adults 100x Nymphs - mixed sizes - £7.99 MEDIUM COLONY...
  6. Invert Classifieds
    Adult Dubi Roaches wanted to establish a new breeding colony. Other adult roaches wanted including lobsters.
  7. Food Classifieds
    I have a large lobster roach colony which I am wanting to reduce, I'm happy to sell it in parts, or as one or just as feeder boxes. Lobster roaches are a fantastic feeder food and very easy to keep and breed. I started with 25 adults and I now have in excess of 5000. Prices will start at £4.50...
  8. Food Classifieds
    I still have for sale my lobster roach colony, cleaned them today and I would say there is about 1000 adults, juvi's and babies. I am happy to sell them with their rub, heat mat and egg cartons for £35 If you would prefer I can sell you some adult and juvis approx 250 for £10 plus £4.00 recorded...
  9. Food Classifieds
    I have for sale my Lobster Roach colony. It contains adults , juvi's and babies. I have no idea how many there are but I started with about 300 four months ago and there are loads. I will included the large RUB, egg cartons and the heat mat.
  10. Food Classifieds
    I have for sale my Lobster roach colony. It contains adults, sub adults and lots of babies. The price includes the RUB, egg cartons and the heat mat if it is wanted . I would prefer pick up. :2thumb:
  11. Feeder
    I thought i would take some pictures and show people how i keep my lobster roaches (nauphoeta cinerea) its not what everyone would use, but it makes it must easyer for feeding/watering them but of course when cleaning out comes around i normally just split them and move them into new tubs over...
  12. Food Classifieds
    I started a colony about a year ago and since then its gone mad. Thousands of the buggers, ive only used about 20-30 out of it since the start, reason is there are so many i dont want them escaping and am afraid to open up for very long other than to feed and water. Seriously a good amount...
  13. Feeder
    Hello and thanks in advance to all who can offer advice and to all that take the time to read my post. I have had a colony of Lobster roaches for a couple of years now and they have been doing very very well,even to the extent of being able to sell surplus on Ebay.But the problem i have had for...
  14. Food Classifieds
    From the 1st of march onwards i will have tubs of lobster roaches for sale. 200 mixed lobster roaches- £15 + £2.50 postage. This includes many adults. If you request a special order then contact me and i will see what i can do. Cheers.
  15. Food Classifieds
    Established breeding colony of lobster roaches (around 100) - FREE I originally started the colony as chameleon food but it seems my chams are fussy! :blush: The colony is expanding and i have no need for it now. Easy to keep - give water gel and any veg/salad/dog biscuits/fish food...they will...
  16. Food Classifieds
    Hi i have for sale one large tub of lobster roaches, lots of adult males and loads of adult females, lots of egg sacks being produced already by the females, great for siderlings and other reptiles , probably around if not over 100 roaches in total in this tub. ...............£5.00 plus £2.50...
  17. Spiders and Inverts
    Ryt my lobsters are managing to get through a 4" thick band of vaseline round the top of the tub anyone got ne ideas abouthow i can keep the lil sh*ts from escapeing ????? :devil::devil::devil:
  18. Food Classifieds
    Completely free, one large bag of lobster roaches. I'd estimate that there's at least 200. Ideally want someone to come tonight to take them.
  19. Food Classifieds
    I bought 100 months ago of various sizes and have just left them to breed. I have no idea how many there are now but I see plenty of babies running around. Bare in mind that lobsters can climb vertical glass/plastic very easily. The tub is a RUB, the lid is slightly cracked and has large air...
  20. Spiders and Inverts
    Does anybody know how long it takes for lobster roaches to turn into adults from nymphs, because its pretty much all our colony is at the moment! we have a few adults but the babies have exploded lol. Thanks:notworthy:
1-20 of 20 Results