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  1. Lizards
    I was sold this guy as a bluebar Ambanja, but have doubts as he is not what I was expecting colour wise, and cannot find any images of the same colour, I know they vary widely but would love to hear opinions. By the way I love the colour of him anyway :2thumb:
  2. Snake Classifieds
    I've been AWOL from the hobby for a few years, wanting to get back Into it with a pair of hatchling retics for a future breeding project. Preferably looking for wild type locales, mid - large size . Really want to start with hatchlings from a small scale breeder, looking for someone who wouldn't...
  3. Snake Pictures
    Thought I'd get a couple of snaps of my most recent addition - a female Sonoran named Pang (after the lady boy on that recent programme about lady boys)... currently around 2 - 2.5ft - a piddly, slender little beauty. Excuse the kak iPhone pics.
  4. Snakes
    Just wanted to share a few pics with people on the whole forum instead of just those in the retic thread. This is my CB13 male kayuadi retic called.................. Duncan! Hope you enjoy guys!!!!!!
  5. Lizards
    Hey guys, I've been looking into Chahouas recently and as you may know there are two different locales, the mainlands and the pine island. Everywhere I've looked, mainlands are described as having short snouts and large eyes, conversely, pine islands have long snouts and smaller eyes. Whenever...
  6. Lizards
    I know there are a few types of blue tongue locales such as indo, Merauke and northern ect, and I found one in a shop that I take placement at and I kinda want it. They don't know what locale it is but that it's a she and about 3 and a half years old. Help anyone? :D
  7. Lizards
    So shes a female, i know that much.. but i'm not sure if shes looking more like an ambilobe or a samabava.. was sold as just 'male panther' any chameleon geeks wanna help me out?
  8. Snake Pictures
    My other Kempton pick-up, a female het.T+ Nicaraguan. She's a 2010 and I've called her Saxon as she will be paired with my male Celtic in a due course, She really is a lovely thing, I'm thrilled with her :) Thanks for looking :)
  9. Snake Pictures
    Finally I have a female Sonoran Boa, courtesy of Geoff, which I picked up at Kempton :) She's a 2011 and I've called her Jinx. Thanks for looking :)
  10. Snake Pictures
    So this is my 2006 male Costa Rican Boa, Spike and me :) and my favourite, caught in a moment where I'm not so sure of myself, shot Thanks for looking x
  11. Snake Pictures
    Got my OH to grab a few quick shots of me with new girl Druscilla today :) Thanks for looking, more pics of Dru in my albums xxx
  12. Snakes
    Got some new sunshiny pics of my Costa Rican Boas and thought I'd share :) The female, Druscilla and the male, Spike Thanks for looking :)
  13. Snake Pictures
    Some updated pics of Tarot my 2010 female Crawl Cay from Gaz :)
  14. Snake Pictures
    I don't often take pics of Pagan but snapped a few yesterday for my project52 and got some nice ones. Thanks for looking :)
  15. Snake Pictures
    My pair of El Salvador Boas, high hopes for next season..... 2007 Male, Mordisco 2006 Female, Enojarse
  16. Snake Pictures
    I recently placed a "wanted" ad for a female Nicaraguan Boa to go with my male. I was absolutely astounded by the variety of Nicaraguans I was offered - I had no idea they came in so many flavours lol! I really enjoyed looking at all the pics I was sent and thought it would be a nice idea to...
  17. Snake Pictures
    I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast some locality boas, here are seven different locales all taken on the same background with the same lighting to highlight the amazing diversity available to the locality keeper xxx vera cruz sonoran nicaraguan cay caulker el...
  18. Snake Pictures
    Here are all 4 of my Vera Cruz Boas from above :) 2008 female, Piggy 2008 male, Kermit 2005 female, Gaupa 2005 male, Gringo Thanks for looking :)
  19. Snake Pictures
    This boy just keeps getting darker and darker... Thanks for looking :)
  20. Snake Pictures
    At long last I managed to get my hands on a male El Salvador Boa last weekend, he's a 2007 so all being well with my female I have high hopes for next season... Anyway here are some pics, new male................ and his future girlfriend... Thanks for looking, loads more pics of...
1-20 of 34 Results