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locality boas
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    Males and females available. Born on 20th August. Doing everything they should. Pairing was Normal Nic x Normal Nic both parents are around the 4ft mark.
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    Locality Boa's Some of the rarest and best available If you are into Locality Boa's then you need to be buying from these guys I have available a selection of some of this season's boa's from* These guys are at the top of the game when it comes to locality...
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    Ok I'm bored so thought I would follow up on a PM I received asking me to put comparison pics of all my different locality boas together in one place... Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list of localities, it's a list of the localities I personally keep, however that does mean it is a list...
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    I just love this snake he is bloomin' gorgeous and as he shed yesterday it is only right and proper that I used him for my Project52, he's such a good boy I got way too many shots so here are a few of the extras :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb: Thanks for looking : victory:
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    Here is my little chap Endor, used him for my Project52 and thought I'd post some of the spare images here - lots more in my albums :2thumb: Thanks for looking : victory:
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    Got the OH to help me get some pics of two of my favourite boas Celtic the Nicaraguan and Kermit the Vera Cruz. : victory: So this is Celtic a 2010 Nicaraguan... And this is my beloved Vera Cruz, Kermit. I think he is possibly my best looking boa : victory:: victory:: victory...
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    Such a lovely sunny day today that I thought I'd get some new pics of Tarot and Ogham sunning themselves in the garden :2thumb: Firstly Ogham a 2010 male And his future missus Tarot also a 2010 Thanks for looking, lots more in my albums :2thumb:
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    Here are my new Caulker Cay Boas that I picked up from Chris S last week.... Firstly the male, Endor. and the female, Tatooine. Thanks for looking, more pics in my albums : victory:
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    As we finally had a little sunshine today thought I'd convince the OH to help me get some outdoor pics of a few if my older dwarf boas, so here the are.... Pagan a 2010 Hogg Island Piggy a 08/09 Vera Cruz Jarvis an adult Sonoran and the last one for now Enojarse an adult El...
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    So as I'm sure many people know I have a fascination with the locality BCI's and was wondering who else shares this obsession? Who else keeps a range of different localities? How many do you have and what are they? Photos too please :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb:
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    I decided to use my beloved Tarot for my Project52 photos this week and thought I'd put some of the shots I didn't use here. She's a luverly snake, a 2010 Crawl Cay from Gaz. Thanks for looking :2thumb:
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    I am absolutely loving being part of Project52 but have decided to also group my entries here as they are all going to be part of the same theme. "Locality boas with flowers". Hopefully I can keep up with the project all year and have a lovely thread to look back on :2thumb:
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    I've posted a similar thread in the classifieds as I am very interested in planning possible purchases for next year. I have a growing collection of locality boas and would like to add a few new localities this coming year. So, what have you good people got in the pipeline? Thanks for reading...
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    Not sure how you get a srurvey on here guys so sorry in advance but i was wondering everyones favourite Boa or locality BCI as i am just BOA mad!!!! I have an awesome coloured BCI male nearly six foot whos just went into shed, i have a hogg island boa cross, 3 months old amazing coouring as he...
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    Thought I'd post a few Photos :2thumb: Its been all go at our end...We have recently updated the JnB Boas website and also we now have a FaceBook Page - add us for up to date information, photos, available lists. A few new racks have been we had to invest in an incubator as the...
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    Now that I have my trio of adults here in the UK I have decided to sell this pair of Pearl Island Boas (Boa Constrictor Sabogae) as I will hopefully be producing my own in the near future. These are pretty much the rarest locality boa constrictor available in the hobby today - there are only a...
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    One of my Caulker Cay BCI's shed today and as it doesn't happen very often I thought I would take the opportunity to get some photos of the little one. And a few of the others shed this week too ... Nicaraguan T+ Albino (one of this years hold backs) Hogg Island Male Hogg...
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    1.1 Adult pair of Saboga Island Boas. 2005 bred by Rich Ihle at Imported 2008 and come with copies of the import papers proving lineage Enquiries by PM only please Female Male
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    We had a small litter of gorgeous Nicaraguan BCIs born this August from a Nicaraguan Visual T+ Albino to a Nicaraguan 100% het T+ Albino. Nicaraguan BCIs are one of the true dwarf BCIs and the parents of this litter were both under 5ft. I don't expect these babies to grow any bigger than that...
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    Locality Boas, Western Hognose Morphs & Leucistic Royals Bred by Vin Russo FOR SALE We recently had a lot of interest from people asking if we can collect snakes from Vin Russo on Snake Day in Houten (11th October 2009) as we are collecting our own boas. We have spoke too Vin and we have his...
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