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    I'm offered a 2yo, female Peruvian BCC for a fair price. Since I have no idea what a fair price entails, I'd figure I ask around a bit. Given it's a pure locality and they are pretty hard to find, I expect it to be on the higher side. What do you all think?
  2. Snakes
    Hello ! How can I contact those guys? I'm doing a research about the origin of my Pituophis and want to ask them some thing about the habitat ! :) thanks daniel
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm Zushn, I'm 29, and I live Reims, France. I apologize in advance for my bad English. I am fascinated by reptiles - and especially snakes - since I was 8. I like snakes in their natural state, and in its most classic form. For several years I studied the history of...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Hi I have the following animals available. Please PM for further information. Pictures available on request 1.0 Male Jampea Retic CF/ LTC around 10 foot asking £250 0.1 sold as WC Madu but she has reached around 14 foot possible other locality £300 They have not been proven kept as pets...
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    Due to certain circumstances , i have no option but to sell these boas asap . I have a : 2013 Female Blonde Bolivian BCA ... 2013 Pair of Apure Venezuelan BCC ...
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    Sorong GTP :)
  7. Snakes
    First post so having a little difficulty but here goes, I recently rescued a lovely dwarf boa off someone, they didn't know much about them and couldn't really tell me anything so I was just wondering if any of you could give me any info with regards to locality/morph/colouring or basically...
  8. Snakes
    Recently acquired a beautiful dwarf boa as a bit of a rescue, was just wondering if anyone could give me any info on what colouring/type/locality she may be? The guy didn't seem to know much about her, so was just wondering if anyone could give me a helping hand? She has various pink/peach...
  9. Snakes
    any guesses on the locality for this boy?Preloved | dwarf boa for sale in Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire
  10. Snake Classifieds
    If you are into Locality Boa's then you need to be buying from these guys I will have available next month a selection of some of this season's boa's from These guys are at the top of the game when it comes to locality boa's and are working with some of the...
  11. Snakes
    Hi guys, we were given this kingsnake by a friend, it was sold to him as a ghost morph but I'm not sure if this is correct. From photos I've seen it looks more like a locality, but I'm no expert on kingsnakes. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Snakes
    Hi guys, I was looking for a locality thread so I could get some pics up of my BCA up. I was advised there wasn't here goes. Please upload pics of your pure locality boas here so we can see them all. No morphs please! Thanks! Here some pics of my Boa Constrictor Amarali. He's called...
  13. Snake Pictures
    Black Gap Dark Alterna Phase het hypo, possible het anery: Black Gap Light Alterna Phase het hypo, possible het anery: Dark Black Gap Blairs Phase: Wild Caught Female Dark Blairs Phase (My WC male is in shed) : River Road Alterna Phase:
  14. Snake Pictures
    My other Kempton pick-up, a female het.T+ Nicaraguan. She's a 2010 and I've called her Saxon as she will be paired with my male Celtic in a due course, She really is a lovely thing, I'm thrilled with her :) Thanks for looking :)
  15. Snake Pictures
    Finally I have a female Sonoran Boa, courtesy of Geoff, which I picked up at Kempton :) She's a 2011 and I've called her Jinx. Thanks for looking :)
  16. Snake Pictures
    So this is my 2006 male Costa Rican Boa, Spike and me :) and my favourite, caught in a moment where I'm not so sure of myself, shot Thanks for looking x
  17. Snake Pictures
    Got my OH to grab a few quick shots of me with new girl Druscilla today :) Thanks for looking, more pics of Dru in my albums xxx
  18. Snakes
    Got some new sunshiny pics of my Costa Rican Boas and thought I'd share :) The female, Druscilla and the male, Spike Thanks for looking :)
  19. Snake Pictures
    Some updated pics of Tarot my 2010 female Crawl Cay from Gaz :)
  20. Snake Pictures
    I don't often take pics of Pagan but snapped a few yesterday for my project52 and got some nice ones. Thanks for looking :)
1-20 of 63 Results