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  1. Snake Pictures
    This is Enojarse, she shed a couple of days ago so thought it was high time I got some more pics. Thanks for looking, lots more in my albums :2thumb:
  2. Snake Pictures
    This my new Vera Cruz male, 'Gringo'. Recently purchased from Kubotan. He is part of a pair (Gringo & Guapa) that Kubotan bought from JnB Boas back in October and that originally came from Chris Gillam. He's a 2005 animal so more mature than my other pair. :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb...
  3. Snakes
    I have to say one of my favourite aspects of this hobby of ours is tracking down and (hopefully) eventually aquiring animals that are more scarce than others. I have had a thing about finding Vera Cruz Boas for such a long time and I have trawled forums, classifieds, pet shop stock lists and...
  4. Snake Pictures
    I decided to use my beloved Tarot for my Project52 photos this week and thought I'd put some of the shots I didn't use here. She's a luverly snake, a 2010 Crawl Cay from Gaz. Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  5. Snake Pictures
    The beautiful Piggy shed yesterday so thought I'd take the opportuniuty to grab some more pics of my lovely girl. Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  6. Snakes
    Just wanted to share my excitement as my second pair of Vera Cruz Boas are arriving this evening via courier. :no1::no1::no1: I looked for these lovely little boas unsuccessfully for about three years before finding and securing a male, a female and this pair all within 3 months of each other...
  7. Snake Pictures
    This is my boy Jarvis, freshly shed and looking rather gorgeous :2thumb: I've tried really hard to capture the iridescense of him in his shiny new skin, thanks for looking :2thumb:
  8. Snake Pictures
    This is my lovely 'Kermit' freshly shed and looking stunning, these pics really don't do him justice at all he's got a beautiful sheen on him today :2thumb: and in the last one, a little shy... Thanks for looking : victory:
  9. Snake Pictures
    Here is Miss. :censor:sy knickers herself "Enojarse" (which is Spanish for angry!!!) just a few pics as she was NOT in the mood..... I did however risk my life and dressed her up as a flower fairy....
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Hi, After researching various localities of boa I am ready to make a purchase of my first boa. I have kept corns and royals in the past and currently keep an adult corn. I am looking at either a male bci or either gender (prefer female) dwarf locality such as a crawl cay or nicaraguan. I...
  11. Snake Pictures
    This is my female Hog Island, Pagan. and my favourite.... Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  12. Snakes
    I brought my first boa constrictor about two years ago, her name is Lola and she is about 6 years old and about 6.5ft female. I brought her as a pet and at the time didn't car much for localities or morphs and idea what this girl is or where she would originate? Many thanks
  13. Snake Pictures
    This is my male Nicaraguan Boa, Celtic. :2thumb: Thanks for looking : victory:
  14. Snake Pictures
    Wanted to get some pics of me and my snakes for FB and thought I'd pop up a couple here - this is my stunning boy Jarvis :2thumb: Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  15. Snake Pictures
    This is my lovely boy Jarvis :2thumb: Thanks for looking : victory:
  16. Snake Pictures
    This is my female Crawl Cay 'Tarot' she's quite the character!!! Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  17. Snakes
    Hi there guys, I've been keeping Green Tree Pythons for 18 months now and was recently looking at the Australian Localities. Can anybody explain to me in further detail any specific morphological traits they may posses over the New Guinea / Indonesian Island localities? Also does anybody know...
  18. Snake Pictures
    So I decided to use "Piggy" as my subject for the Project52 I'm taking part in... Here are a few extra shots I got whilst trying to get the image I wanted. Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  19. Snake Classifieds
    as the title says I will be at Doncaster next week. I have available the following boas PURE DWARF SONORAN DESERT BOAS 1.1 2010 66% het for leopard £200 pair 2011 66% het for leopard £100 each 1.0 2011 leopard boa...
  20. Snake Classifieds
    I'm looking for a male El Salvador Boa with good provenance or paperwork. Preferably adult or subadult but would look at tiddlers! I'm based in the SE but happy to organise a courier. Thanks for looking
41-60 of 63 Results