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    wanted Argentine Longnose Cave Racer - Philodryas baroni CB preferably 2012 female only or a trio (1.2) ... if you are expecting some CB13s then I'm just as happy with one/two of them! INBOX ME - thanks!
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    Here's a few pics of my young female p.baroni I picked up late last year from Ian14. She's growing really well, never missed a feed with me and really starting to become less flighty!
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    Hi all I have a 2010 philodryas baroni / barons racer I got it as a female but not 100% sure it's rear fanged venomous she is tame but may poop on you when you first pick her up she was a slow starter but is now a very good feeder it also come with an exoterra viv 12/18 with vine and plants...
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    Couldnt resist showing my cool new longnose ratsnakes Cheers John
1-4 of 4 Results