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  1. General Herp Chat
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone in southeast London (Dulwich, Herne Hill, West Norwood) Would look after my Yemen chameleon when I go away. (Maximum 1 week) I could also look after your reptile if you are going away. I would give you my Viv with everything. It would also be helpful to find the...
  2. Lizards
    It's more of an idea than anything as I am sceptical as to whether it's even worth posting this. I'm slightly skeptical about whether I'll even get feedback!.... Also don't know what thread to put this on!?!?! Anyway I'm a 14year old who loves animals and I'm looking for work. I have a Bearded...
  3. Lizards
    I've recently found out that my leopard gecko is partially blind due to its morph. I am extremely worried for her and don't know how to feed her and generally make her happy. Any help on those or any other matter that might help will be greatly apreciated. Thank you.
  4. Lizards
    Bonjour, I'm new to the forum, my brother is moving away for a temp job out in the US for a year. It was all quite unexpected, and he doesn't want to sell his beloved pet beardie - all the equipment is ready and there for me to take over, but is there any information that I need to know to care...
  5. Snakes
    Hello, My daughter has decided that she wants to rehome snakes and lizards from the RSPCA, I am willing to let her do so. However I have been searching around and dont know what I to show and prove to the RSPCA that we are fully capable of looking after reptiles. She wants to do this because she...
  6. Snakes
    i'm going on holiday in 2 months, i'm asking all of my adult acquaintances to see if they will look after my 6 month old honduran milksnake, but just in case all of them say no, could someone please tell me if there is any one in eastsussex or west kent that could look after him for 2 weeks. it...
  7. Lizards
    heya :welcome: are chameleons easy to keep...? do i have to get a night bulb as some people have night lights of for them?? are they chameleons tam???
1-7 of 7 Results