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    Im looking for 2 female luii cave geckos if anyone knows anybody in london with these please let me know.
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    Two juveniles Adult male 2.1.1 Goniurosaurus luii available, all CB An adult proven pair, one juvenile male from late last year and an unsexed juvenile from this year. £80 for the group! Collection or courier via zooline Due to plenty of time wasting after my last ad please note: Only get...
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    I have for sad sale an adult trio of Goniurosaurus luii. I was really hoping I could keep hold of these, but sadly I can't :( I am not in the country at the moment, and my mum offered to look after them whilst I was away. However, they have been having problems getting the shed skin off their...
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    Looking for an adult female Luii& haini in the north east. If anyone knows of anything inbox me.
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    Hello all, Is anyone currently breeding Goniurosaurus, any species? Would love to have a chat. Cheers, Louis
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    For sale with regret male and female Chinese cave gecko Luii,around 2 years old, have bred successfully this year. Aboreal viv can be included for an additional £20. Will be happy to email pictures.
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    As title says, I am looking for a female Goniurosaurus Luii (Chinese cave gecko) to go with my little guy and keep him company. Looking preferably for an adult, can travel a small distance to collect (in the range of 50 miles) and also I will hopefully be at Doncaster if this helps. Many...
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    Baby G Luii - gotta love the 'satanic stare' ! :flrt:
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    Picked up this little beauty today. Two months old, bred in the reptile shop apparently. They said it's too young to be sexed yet, but I think it's female. I'm not entirely sure what type of cave gecko it actually is, and the reptile shop just said it was a chinese cave gecko, which isn't much...
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    Chinese Leopard Gecko / Cave Gecko (Goniurosaurus luii) - Male Rare and beautiful gecko. This thread is purely for me to advertise and may not be checked. If you do post on here it could be missed so please PM me with any interest or queries so that I can reply to you promptly. I...
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    I have surplus males of the following: Cuban Knight Anole (Anolis equestris) - £40 Chinese Cave Gecko (Goniurosaurus luii) - £60 Vittikin Dragon (Pogona vitticeps x Pogona brevis) with complete setup/everything you need! - £150 This thread is purely for me to advertise and may not...
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    I have a spare male Goniurosaurus luii. He's about 12 months old, sub-adult, developing the characteristic spotted patterning. Rare and beautiful gecko. This thread is purely for me to advertise and may not be checked. If you do post on here it could be missed so please PM me with any...
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    hi all ive put the final touches on my luii viv anything that you see i need to add or remove please tell me...
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    :lol2: I think this is easy enough.........
  15. Lizard Pictures
    One of our males Thank you for your time.
  16. Lizard Pictures
    Just a cheeky shot of my luii :gasp: The flash has washed them out a bit :( but hopefully i'll be getting eggs sometime in May :2thumb:
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    Here's my 2 adult Luii doing what they do best - hanging around ! Sacha on the left is the female and is looking suspiciously plump at the mo.... :mf_dribble::whistling2:
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    Heres the Luii out at play Boris - the big boy ! And with his 'Lady friend' - Sacha (though Boris was hiding - I think I may have spoilt some planned fun....) :whistling2::mf_dribble::gasp:
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    Had to post these - love em ! My young Luii female 'Suki' :2thumb: This one's awesome IMO ! :mf_dribble:
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    My Big Boy - Boris and his Lady (well one of em...) - Sacha. Nice aberrant markings on these guys so fingers crossed for some nice babies later in the year...
1-20 of 38 Results