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lygodactylus williamsi

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    Hi, Yeah ok, probably one of those :bash: moments. I know these things are getting to be rocking horse fecal matter, but I'm in no rush so decided to ask. I am looking to get an (unrelated) pair or trio of electric blue geckos (L. williamsi) sometime in the new year. I have the exo Terra...
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    My new beautiful female L.williamsi,she is so small it takes about half an hour just to find her :lol2: Thank you again Julie (Jools)
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    I posted this originally in the Newbie forum, but I am hoping for more response from this forum. Hi all. Not only a newbie to the forums but a newbie to keeping reptiles also.... but here's hoping both will be a long and happy relationship! I have had a baby beardie for 2 months now and fully...
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    Hi all. Not only a newbie to the forums but a newbie to keeping reptiles also.... but here's hoping both will be a long and happy relationship! I have had a baby beardie for 2 months now and fully understand the heating and lighting requirements. I have spent a lot of money on 'getting it right'...
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    My Electric Blue is fully grown and a good feeder, he sheds with no problems, & is very fast so not for beginner reptile keepers. I am selling him as I already have a male and they can't be kept together so he is in separate housing at the moment. He is captive bred and beautiful to watch. I...
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    Lygodactylus williamsi (Electric Blue Gecko) Captive Bred. Male £50, easy to care for, can provide set up for £120 all in. No lower cash offers, may consider swaps of any description as after Xbox games.
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    Lygodactylus Williamsi Electric Blue Geckos - Greater Manchester :welcome: For Sale: Male Electric Blue Geckos. I have 2, healthy 7 month olds, both captive bred by yours truly. £50 each. Pick up to be arranged to OL12 area. No delivery. No offers on price. 07845 801575
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    Captive bred male needing new home as cannot live with my other male. I'm selling him for £50 or good swaps or even for a female of the same species please. In the photo he is one at the front.
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    :2thumb: hi guys, i have quite a few Lygodactylus williamsi for sale , both male and females , they are feeding well and healthy ! - and breed easily lol males and females for sale , both £55 each , £150 for a trio £105 for a pair pick up to be arranged to CW8 2EB can deliver at extra...
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    I am after some females only to add to my breeding pair. Please contact me if you have some for sale and preferably captive bred. Thanks
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    they are actually a little bit blue this time :p plus some new pics of one of my juvi cresties
  12. Lizard Pictures
    got these little guys the other day (still youngsters and they decided to be dull coloured in the pics :lol2:) some of my baby cresties just for fun my snakes ... and for more fun a couple of our random furries
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    Hi i have decided to sell my breeding trio of electric blue geckos due to not having enough time to spend of them :bash: they are a proven trio , i have had babies successfully hatch , i am looking for £200 for the trio or i can sell with there set up for an extra £20 , set will need a uv bulb...
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    Today one of my Lygodactylus williamsi eggs has hatched.....the most amazing and petite baby gecko....3 eggs left to hatch :) Anyone with any feeding advice????? I have given it a fruit/nectar mix puree and some tiny fruit flies...... I have not given it water as I don't want it to drown but...
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    I have recently starting keeping these lizards and this morning I noticed one of the pair has produced red faeces. Is this blood I am seeing? Or is this normal. I have recently added fruit flies to their diet, could these be creating the red colouration or do I need to be worried about this...
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    Hi all, brand new to the forum and after some advice. In a weeks time i will be getting some electric blue geckos, one male and one female. I have setup my tank already but have a few questions. The setup so far is a 18"X18"X24X exo terra. Lighting is both exo terra repti glo 5.0 and a 2.0. As...
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    Trio Electric Blue Geckos And Set Up Breeding Trio of One Male,Two Females About a Year old As you can see from Pictures they are breeding and producing around two eggs a month. Feeding on fruit flies and pin head crickets and hatchling hoppers Set Up Tank measures 16 inches high and...
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    So I've just picked up a pair of Lygodactylus Williamsi geckos, and have set them up in a viv with a UV bulb and a night glo bulb (for heat), as reccomended by the retailer. The issue I'm having is keeping humidity at a level which they require - 50-80%. I've got coco husk as a substrate but...