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    Absolutely stunning girl. Puppy dog tame. Wanting to swap for a Yellow anaconda or am willing to sell for £80. Last fed on a guinea pig yesterday like a pro. Will also swap for retics, burms or other unusual snakes. PM me if interested. Cheers :2thumb:
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    Snake's for sale 1.2012 Female super salmon boa 4ft £150 2. Male yellow anaconda 3. Female yellow anaconda. Adults have locked £180 pai 4. 2012 female ksb albino het snow £40 5. 2012 female ksb snow £40 6. 2013 Female ksb normal £20 7. 2013 Female ksb normal £20 8. late 2012 male royal bumble...
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    Cb05 unrelated pair of macklotts pythons Both very tame, both strike feeding on medium and large rats. Male is very light green and reduced in speckeling Female is typical dark colour and speckled Only asking £200 for the pair No offers or trades on these at this price
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    Hi as title says looking for an adult male macklotts python any help will be much appreciated cash waiting for the right animal thanks :2thumb:
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    Last few left, hatched late July, now all feeding aggressively on defrost mouse fluffs: Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Very iridescent as you can see, great little pythons! Males £60 Male/female pairs £125 Sorry but no lone females for sale. For the...
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    So thought id chuck up a quick couple of pics of my new macklots pair. The pictures are terrible as theyve only just been put in their vivs and wouldnt sit still. So picked them up after a long old slog driving down to pick them up from caffers1982. these are crap pictures as i only...
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    Proven pair, currently courting and tail twisting. Macklots Pythons, fully grown. £300 pair Female pictured below. Male is smaller. Both extremely friendly!
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    over the coming couple of weeks we will be selling up all of our personal collection of snakes and racks/vivs to concentrate on making our shop THE BEST stocked, cleanest and layed out shop in england. over the coming weeks we will be advertising over 500 snakes along with all there...
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    CB 2010 Carolina Corns 100% het butter - £15 CB 2010 Carolina Corns possible het butter - £10 CB 2010 Apricot Pueblan Milksnakes - £35 CB 2010 Spotted Pythons - £55 CB 2010 100% het Albino Housesnakes - £25 CB 2010 Albino Housesnakes - £60 CB 2010 Snow Corns - £20 Adult proven breeding pair...
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    Just got this snake last week and was told that it was docile, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the case so I am having to sell it. It is a female and is CB08, about 5ft long at the mo and has been eating. Open to offers but looking for around £80. Will deliver for petrol costs. Will try...
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    Female Great drop feeding sheds and poos fine. Viv defensive but great when out. Comes with rub and hides. £60 putting on weight nicely. Collection from New forest, Hampshire
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    cb 09's £50 each or both for £90 Both feeding, pooing and shedding well. Interested in Royals. pg
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    Just wondered how big your Macklotts python is?
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    Hello I have a cb female 09 common boa and cb female 09 Macklots. I am after some royals. Preferably female 08 or older. But will consider most. May be interested in swapping one or both of them and adding money on top for cheap morph. Will put some pics up this weekend. Both are good eaters...
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    We've got some interesting snakes in stock at the moment, so here's a thread with pics and info on each... Jungle Carpet Python - '08 male, feeds on large fuzzies/small mice, still a bit nippy - £150: Pair of Bredl's Pythons - '08 male & female, both feed well on rat pups and are lovely...
1-15 of 15 Results