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    Hi, 51x Heteroscodra maculata(Togo Starburst Baboon) 1.5cm legspan £3 25 - £70 shipped (£12 discount) 50 - £130 shipped (£27 discount) Payment via Paypal (as a gift preferred). For smaller orders the shipping fee is £7. They are ready to go! Cheers Rob
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    Time for a clear out! P.Cambridgei x3 1inch £7 each P.Regalis x2 3-4 inch £20 each P.Metallica x2 1 adult fem £150, 1 4' unsexed £100 T.Stirmi 3inch £40 E. Murinus 1-2 inch £12 H. Maculata 1 inch £7 £7.50 rmsd. Will happily do deals on multiples or the lot Trade wise il happily take...
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    Hi guys, I have 3 H. Macs for sale, last few of a sac laid :) £14 inc. postage via RMSD and heat pack per sling, or all 3 for £25, PM or comment :2thumb: Photo courtesy of @ChrisNCT via A-Boards
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    I have the following for sale: Salem Ornamental (P. formosa) SA/A Female - £40 Togo Starburst (H. maculata) SA Female - £40 Red Chile Rose (G. rosea) SA Female - £20 Exo-Terra Glass Vivarium 30x30x30cm - £20 Exo-Terra Glass Vivarium 30x30x45cm - £25 Plastic Exo-Terra Critter Keeper...
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    :welcome: I'm selling my T's because I don't have the time to care for them as I did before. Unfortunately, I used to have a friend who would help me pack the spiders if I ever sold them. He can't help me pack them any more and, as I'm terrified of spiders (I know, strange concept), I won't be...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Just finished doing the rounds feeding/maintanance etc on all the T's & ive just been taught a lesson on what real speed is. Noticed some roach remains on the cork bark beside my adult female H. Macs favourite hiding place. So i fed her a small cricket to keep her occupied (she had the roach 2...
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    Hi! I am offering for sale: 2.0.0. Heteroscodra maculata MM 1.0.0. Acanthoscurria geniculata MM 1.0.0. Poecilotheria rufilata MM PM me with offers. Postage&Packaging: 6GBP! We can also trade if you have: Aphonopelma seemanni (adult male) Brachypelma smithi (adult male) Brachypelma boehmei...
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    sized are approx diagonal legspan Heteroscodra maculata 12mm @ £4.00 each,£35.00 for 10 Avicularia versicolor LF 12mm @ £7.50 each - now limited numbers left Haplopelma lividum 12mm @ £7.50 Stromatoplema calceatum 12mm @ £8.00 Augacephalus junodi 15-20mm @ £25 (rare) Monocentropus balfouri 10mm...
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    Togo Starburst (Heteroscoda maculata) Juveniles [email protected] £14.95 Juveniles 7-8cm @ £19.95 Sub Adult/ Young [email protected] £24.95 Adults (Look female but not guaranteed) @ £29.95 Shipping £7.99 Check out our website for details and ordering: TheSpiderShop:- - Suppliers of Arachnids and other...
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    After a few, depending on price/ size etc... Cheers
1-10 of 10 Results