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    Cb17 pure madu island pair. Unrelated, tame, smashing food. Absolutely stunning animals. First picture is the Male and 2nd is the female, both around 4ft, pictures in 4 litre tubs to give an idea in size. These are genuine lovely animals and will make an incredible addition to anyone’s...
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    The female who just shed this morning And here's an older picture of the male.
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    Pure Madu super dwarf female Approaching 7 foot. Does everything she should. Can bring to Doncaster June 25th if 50%deposit paid before. Courier available at buyers expense.
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    Originally from Blue Planet Aquarium. CB 09 typical food orientated and fast. Picture shows him killing a water bowl and the rubber end of a snake hook. Once he realises it's not feeding time he is fine. Approximately six feet. He was the snake for the public to handle, never bit anyone...
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    female pure madu superdwarf reticulated python. captive bred 2011 around 6 foot . strike feeding on large/ jumbo rats weekly. handles fine but is quite quick. anymore info just ask. would consider trades of equal value. collection or courier from plymouth.
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    Due to unfortunate circumstances with now having limited space and time i'm putting up my male Madu Dwarf Reticulated Python for sale, he is roughly 5 years old and measures about 8-9ft in length. He is a typical Retic when it comes to feeding and has a mixed varied diet on frozen thawed Guinea...
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    Leaving the hobby so my collection is up for sale. Proven Madu female - £500 Adult Kayuadi female - £400 2013 Lavender Motley male - £800 2014 75% Dwarf Platinum female - £250 2014 Granite (50% Coastal, 50% IJ) female Carpet Python - £200 2012 Coastal Caramel male - £150 (Soon...
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    As title says, im looking for a super dwarf retic. Not to fussed on age or sex..... MAY do some sort of deal on female albino lav tiger retic..
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    For sale is my male madu super dwarf reticulated python puppy dog tame strong feeding response like most retics (although the video i uploaded he is being lazy) plenty of character in this chap smashing down large rats every 14 days and...
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    I have the following male reticulated pythons for sale: 4+ year old 100% het albino 11' £175 2011 platinum poss het albino 9' £400 5+ year old pure madu super dwarf 5' £250 2010 genetic stripe 10' £400 I'm cutting back on my males at the moment, which is the reason for sale. I don't want swaps...
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    I have for sale an adult male pure madu retic for sale. He's 5+ years old, and around 5' in length. He's very flighty, so not a snake that you can have a cuddle and watch TV with, so would be more suited to somebody that wants to breed really. He doesn't bite as a rule (he's had a go at me once...
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    Here are a few shots of my madus. I don't collect them for about 2 months but I like to go in monthly to pay them off a bit more and see how they are doing. The male was absolutely glowing yesterday afternoon, couldn't capture it on camera though:bash: Would be interesting to see some of your...
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    Hi I may be getting a CB Madu pair. what colour should their eyes be. The ones I have seen in person have orange eyes and the ones on here seem to have silver eyes. Does one or the other suggest its not a pure madu type? or can it vary within the madu geographical range. I understand that this...
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    I have for sale a male/female pair of dwarf madu retics. These are LTC and 5+ years old. Both feed perfectly on medium rats, and shed as they should do. They are a definite pair, but unproven as far as I know. Both animals are less than 6' so pretty much as small as you'll get for a retic...
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    My little adult female was looking nice and bright tonight so thought I would pop up a couple of pics of her :)
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    Managed to get hold of a pair of madu dwarf retics a few weeks ago. They're adults, but tiny...... Here's the female : And the male :
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    These are tiny :gasp: hatch wieght only 36g !!!
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    Scuba having dinner...this girl and her hubby should be rady for pairing up this yr all being well... She's about 4.5ft(ish). She needs to do some filling out before I seriously consider putting them together though : victory:
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    Ok not what you expected, she's only gone and bitten and constricted herself!!!! This has never happened to me before.....She's an aggressive girl anyway but now it looks like I'm going to have to treat a self inflicted bite wound :bash: She's been locked on herself for 15mins now, I'm not...
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    Bellys UP - Breeding is a Kayuadi Dwarf Retic to a male 50% Dwarf Sunfire Possible Ovulation - Breeding is a Madu SD Retic to EITHER an SD Kalatoa OR the 50% Dwarf Sunfire, photos of both are below. Male SD Kalatoa Male Dwarf Sunfire
1-20 of 31 Results