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male boa
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    Adult male boa, Doing all as he should Collect York £25
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    I'm looking for a make 4 foot boa to start to grown on and get up to health to breed with my female. My female is 4.5 foot and is a red tail. She has a lovely temperament and would have great babies.
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    I'm on the lookout for a male red tail Boa (B.c.c) to pair up with my recently purchased female. Anybody have one available? I can collect within a reasonable distance.
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    CB13 male (possible super) Hypo boa. Around 4.5ft. Doing everything he should. Eating d/f small rats every 14 days. No viv. £70, will not hold without deposit. Collection from Chatham or courier at your own arrangement. A/E
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    Early CB13 Male (poss super) Hypo Boa, roughly 4.5/5ft. Doing everything he should, eating d/f small adult rats every 14 days. No viv set up. Collection from Chatham or Rainham Essex, or courier at buyers arrangement/cost. Viewings welcome, deposit secures. £60. A/E
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    wanted male het sharp strain albino boa must be able to deliver. Thanks.
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    For sale are a pair of Hogg Island Boas Female is cb10 and currently eating xl rats every 2 weeks. She can be viv defensive sometimes, but if taken out with a hook she is fine once out. Male is cb12 and currently eating medium rats every 2 weeks. He is a great snake to handle and get out of...
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    2011 male AWESOME circle back ladder tail. Better than any other CBLT I have seen. This guy is super small, 4 feet, and has a great temperament. A steal at £150. He has the coolest patterns ever! He's also ready to breed for you this season :)
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    I have for sale two male het sharp male boas, 50% het blonde Albino. Father is a visual Sharp, mother a het Blonde Albino. They are both good feeders, taking large mice and rat fluffs, growing well and doing all the things they should be. They are both placid, are handled regularly, and have...
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    As local as possible for me to collect as i would prefer not to use a courier, willing to pay sensible money :) Thanks
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    Male normal het albino 08 5.5ft ish no paper work £65
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    This is our 3 year old common boa constrictor, his mum was a red tail boa. Very pretty pale boy who is friendly and calm. He is just over 6 foot long and weight 3.5kg. Eats frozen/thawed extra large mice (he's not keen on rats). Sheds and defecates all fine. The set up is a Vivexotic AX36...
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    Hi boa fans!! Here's a new thread with price reductions. Barn from here and just putting up my latest litter, born on 26/03/13. All the babies here are 100% Het for Russian Line Blonde T+ and the Motleys are looking lovely and clean! Below the motleys are the £45 100%...
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    Beautiful proven male boa for sale brilliant to handle and has beautiful markings Snake only for sale
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    we are down sizing our collection :( heres is LITTLE b hes got brilliant temperment good eater and sheds and poo as he should. any more info please contact me :)
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    i have my BIG B and LITTLE B up for rehoming as downsizing will be moving home in few months firstly BIG B our 11 ft boa a little hissy in viv but gebtle giant if handle right shes a big girl, eats and shed good. she does have a few burn scar not from us a previous owner. and her mate Little b...
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    Hi guys, I only recently got this little guy from south west boids down in plymouth, but unfortunately I just bought an adult pair, so he doesn't fit in with my breeding plans. Anyway he was born 24th May 2012 so coming up to a year now sire was a 2007 salmon and dame was a 2006 kubsch...
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    hi due to work commitments we are downsizing , male motley boa , bought off her early last year from a breeder for 600, eating 1 xl rat a week , hes a proven breeder , open to offers ,
1-18 of 61 Results