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male burm
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    as the title says, i have a friend who is trying to find a male burm for sale. If anyone has any or knows of any for sale please p.m me or reply in here. Can travel to pick up if not too far. Thanks guys :2thumb:
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    re:normal burm i have a normal male burm for sale he is around 5ft long normal burm attitude the reason i am selling him is because i dont have the room pm if interested cheers chris
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    I have for sale a feisty male burm bred by myself and my husband. He is 100% het for albino, granite. He eats anything put infront of him a fantastic feeder but isnt too keen to be touched so he will try and bite but with work he will tame down as he is only a baby. Mum is an albino granite...
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    Hi Guys I am looking to swap my Male normal burm. He is about 2years old and 7ft. Very gentle only ever hissed once and never struck, eats and poos like a burm. He's such a softy I give him a soak in the bath to help shedding. I'm spending more time away from home with work and my wife is not...
1-4 of 4 Results