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male royal
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    Male super pastel bred by ronnie sharples 3years old proven breeder twice. Good quality an even tempered snake that feeds well on defrost medium rats fortnightly. £70 for the royal £100 with 45cm cube Exo Terra cube vivarium Will accept a courier & payment via paypal if you're not local
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    Iv decided to sell this guy , he is infact a blackhead 100% het ghost and carries the Red Gene . Guessing around 800-900grams ( lost my scales ) He is ready to breed at this weight , feeding on defrost mice at the moment . Really dark in the flesh and so much work to be done with this gene still...
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    We have 2 of these boys now feeding well on defrost rat fuzzies , these boys are bright and look stunning , asking £60 each a real bargain ! Pm us for more info
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    Adult Orange Ghost Male 1450 grams Approx, about 4 years old priced to sell was £160 reduced to £120 Delivery to Northwest area for fuel costs :2thumb:
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    hiya i am looking for a Het Red Axanthic male royal. would prefer over a year old but would consider hatchlings too. Would like if you are in the south east but am happy to pay for a courier. Please :flrt: someone must have one :lol2:
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    Male royal python for sale proven het pied male weighs around 1400g and eats small weiners. Looking for £80 him on his own Ono. I have an unproven female het pied weighing around 1200g who I will sell with his as a pair for £250. Can't upload pictures as I done this on my phone but willing...
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    Male fire for sale due to me having 2 males he's never missed a feed he's on d/f rat weiners weighs 750gr :2thumb:
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    I am looking for a male Royal morph, preferably at least a 2012 so he could breed this coming season. I am not looking for a basic single gene morph, like a pastel or spider, but I will consider most morphs. Ideally looking for a swap for my 260g female fire/ 800g+ female pastel, but can do cash...
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    Hi all, this lovely lil boys just over two feet long, brought last year at kempton as a baby. eats, pops and sheds as he should. Lovely temperment. comes with 3foot viv, diming stat, red bulb and cage, hides and water bowl. open to sensible offers. thanks for reading.
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    Pair of royals Male pinstripe about 800 grams Female normale 1400grams Selling as work commitment :( Need Rehoming as soon a possible
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    selling for a friend due to relationship breakup a 1200 gr male royal for quick sale. He is lovely does everything as he should. loves being handled and loves kids. he is quite light in color for a normal royal. has been locked with normal female this session. eating defrost medium rats. off...
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    I have the following for sale or swap, all feeding fine. 2 x Male Normals - Late cb11/early cb12 1 x Male Normal - Approx 6 years old Looking for £40 each or part ex for adult female or male morph
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    Sheds well, Loves a good meal and feeds on rats. He's not been power fed to grow quickly. I have owned him from a hatchling CB10 He's never had any health problems. Prefers a small enclosure with a couple of hides or he gets a bit snappy and fussy but otherwise he's a nice chilled out snake...
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    He is one of the best examples I have seen tbh. I have taken him in part ex and kind of fell in love with him, he doesnt fit into my plans but if he doesnt sell I will be more than happy to keep him. weighing in at 1200g he is proven and ready for your females. If you havent seen what the...
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    hi i have one of my male royals up for sale as i have too many males lee
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    Male Royal Mojave great breeding animal great to handle does everything as he should. Been feeding him on DF Multi's and rats he's got a savage feeding response and doesn't hang around when wooing the ladies. Him locked with one of my females
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    Hi I am after a male royal python 2kg+ in good health with a good temperment ,normal or cheap morph,in nw ,thanks.
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    Good feeder, shedder and pooer Had loads of time wasters so it would be nice if someone actually wanted this fella.
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    I have a male royal who weighs 660g. He does exactly what he should but he has been off his food lately as he was locking with females I had. I also have a mini fridge converted incubator which has a stat and a digital temp gauge. I want to really swap them for a male boa (would love a hypo) at...
1-19 of 43 Results