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mangrove snake
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    1.1 CB 2019 Sulawesi Mangroves Snakes (Boiga dendrophila gemmicincta) CB17/18/19 Sulawesi Boiga cf irregularis (males only) 0.1 CB18 Boiga ceylonensis Experienced keepers only please. PM for more details
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    I am having to downsize my collection so the following snakes are for sale. 1.1 CB15 Rosy Boas. Male is albino, female is normal. 1.0 CB14 Macklots Python. 0.1 Northern Water Snake. 1.1 False Water Cobras. 1.1 proven pair of Honduran milk snakes. 1.1 CB14 Yellow Anacondas 1.1 CB14...
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    Adult male mangrove snake CB 2009 in Denmark. Excellent condition, feeding well on drop-fed large rat weaners. Was sold to me in 2012 as a B. dendrophila dendrophila, although I am not certain of this as it has characteristics of both B. dendrophila dendrophila and B. dendrophila melanota. My...
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    Hi guys i am new to this site, not sure how it all works yet. are there many people that keep bioga dendrophila? and/or other hotts? Cheers.
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    Just to show that not all of my Mangroves are the size of shoelaces this is my large female Melanota out for a wander in the garden. For reference the railway sleeper she is lying on is 6ft long and the flower bed is 12 inches high, She has now moved up to eating the same sized Jumbo rats as my...
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    A couple of quick snaps of my new hatchling female Sulawesi Mangrove (B.D. Gemmicincta) brought back from Hamm for me by Tom (Stark)
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    This morning.. I am so impatient! :whistling2: Tom
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    One of the CB13 mangrove hatchlings I got from Stark decided to pop his head out for a minute when I happened to have a camera nearby. For a sense of scale the leaf by his head is about the size of a 10p piece.
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    0.0.2 x CBB 08/2013 Boiga dendrophila melanota for sale. Fantastic quality, 45 cm long. Both healthy, feeding and shedding as expected. Based in London - UK sales only. (Happy to send by courier, if you can find a reliable courier that will collect from me..) Private message me for more...
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    Found this one sleeping upside down (shed cycles make them act quite strangely at times), but he soon sprung back into action when the camera came out.. A couple more, out and about looking mischievous.. A male Boiga cynodon grabbing a snack in the afternoon. Loves food even when in...
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    All 6 of the Boiga dendrophila melanota eggs hatched out and all but one look perfect. One appears to have a very slight kink above its vent, looks like the umbilicus may have been wrapped around there. Doesnt seem to be causing it any problems at the moment. I never get over how big their eyes...
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    Available for sale to experienced keepers only; 0.0.1 (suspected male) Boiga dendrophila melanota, Malaysian Mangrove/Cat snake, CBB 03/13 - £200 ovno Shedding, eating, crapping, etc. as it should. Collection only from London. Please send me a private message for further information and...
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    Just got back from south west Thailand and although I didnt see a single snake in the wild, I did however see some in the snake show. which consists of a man tormenting various snakes and them nearly biting him lol. started with some black cobras then a jumping snake which i think is a...
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    A few of the snaps I have taken in the last couple of weeks. First up are a couple of late night photos of my shy 'male' Boiga d. dendrophila chilling out in the red-light district.. I find it amazing how, even in pitch black (and red light) they still know I am there and will come and...
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    Not at me, I'm afraid... but at a chick. Happy Easter.. Watch the birdie.. Demonstrates how accurate they can be, if you are not careful :thumb: Tom
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    Going to start this new thread as I will be snap happy as these little guys emerge :thumb: Here are the little capsules of stripes during laying and not long after: Some of the eggs began 'bursting' about a month and a half ago and leaking egg goop: I cut one of the 'dodgy looking' eggs a...
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    Had a few things to do with the Mangroves today so snapped some pics as well. Firstly, the male melanota looking deceptively calm.. .. however, he is like a 'Jack in the box' when he smells food! Then the male dendrophila (still unsure he is a male, but is too much of a handful to sex on my...
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    Cleaned out my female melanota today and she decided to not stay in her hide, so had to remove her from the viv. She is getting big! Must be about 2kg and is over 6ft long.. A cool, calm beast of a beauty :thumb: Anyone else got any large adult boiga to show off? Tom
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    Hi there, I have a young female Boiga d. dendrophila CB 2011 for sale. As you can see, she's the white and black form of the mangrove snake. She's totally exempt of the usual parasite load found in WC and much friendlier.... As an example of the species, she's very docile and can be handled...
1-20 of 50 Results