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mangrove snake

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    cutting back a few bits to make way for retic babies in the coming months. This mangrove has been amazing, defrost feeding and never missed a feed. was originally on fresh killed but has been on full defrost since begining of november last year. its un sexed but is perfectly fine to handle...
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    Im looking for a black & yellow mangrove, (boiga dendrophila) must be old enough to breed, preferably cb, but wc would be ok aslong as its healthy. good price paid for the right snake.
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    As per title £120 each would possibly swap for milk snakes or grey band kings not an easy snake to find cb
  4. Snake Classifieds
    CB sulawesi mangrove snakes for sale 2010 eating defrost multis £120 3 left they will be jet black as adults
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    Hi Guys, Anyone taking baby cb mangroves to the pras show this year? Looking for any sex, black and yellow banded only. if you are please can you pm with info and prices.
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    new post due to clutter on last one for sale my baby :'( she is a female mangrove snake at about 3-4 foot in length very very sad sale due to being crippled after a motorbike accident i will only sell to someone who knows what they are doing and are not afraid of aggressive or venomous...
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    Black and White Mangrove snake for Sale - £150 ono Feeding on live baby quail or assist fed. PM for pictures or further info if needed.
  8. Snakes
    Does anybody have for sale or know where i can get a young yellow banded mangrove snake (Not an all black one i can get those):cheers:
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    captive bred mangrove snakes 3ft great feeders have no space good home only will need pics of set up or can go in vivs they are in at cost exp keepers only they are fiesty my own snake which i have had from babies call 07882770323 £150 each these just take food from a bowl over night...
41-50 of 50 Results