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    Hello everyone. I had the pleasure of riding down to see Mark O'Shea's World of Reptiles at West Midlands Safari Park (where he works occasionally) last year. I took a few naughty snaps of some of the herps they currently had there. One of the main reasons i got into herping back in the day was...
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    Can anyone point me in the direction of how to get my Mark O'Shea book signed please? Being a bit of a bibliophile I would like to see the birthday present I recieved signed. I believe the author is a member of the forum - hence the plea - thankyou. : victory:
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    been trying to find some episodes online of some of the stuff hes done most herp stuff i find easily but this is being tricky all i can find is like 6min lame videos anyone know anywhere i can watch any of his documentries online ....... bored at work lmao:lol2:
1-4 of 4 Results