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    Having a clear out of reptile equipment some new and some used, open to selling as a job lot or by item. Message with any questions! Komodo Wooden Hide (USED) £3 Microclimate Heat Mat (16x12 21w) - £5 (USED) Microclimate Heat Mat (10x12 13w) - £2 (USED) 5x Various ProRep 100w bulbs (Bayonet) -...
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    wanted 6 x 11 heat mats
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Various sizes of heat mats approx 10 - £80 (the lot) Stats: Habistat dimming - £35 Habistat matstat - £20 Habistat pulse - £40 Microclimmate DL2 magic eye - £40 BNIB exo terra incubator £100 2ft viv with heat mat and mat stat - used - £30 2ft flat packed viv no glass - £20 4x2x2 viv - used -...
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    As the majority of the collection has now gone, some of my heating equipment is available. COLLECTION FROM ROWLEY REGIS, WEST MIDLANDS (B65) ONLY. OPEN TO OFFERS ESPECIALLY ON MULTIPLES. STATS: Komodo 100W on/off Stat £10 Habistat Mat Stat £10 Microclimate Mini Stat £10 Habistat Temp Stat £15...
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    For Sale. Custom white Aluminium RUB Rack for Snakes or Geckos. Hold 8 lidded Rubs. 6 x 33ltr and 2 x 50ltr. Aluminium Frame with Polycarbonate held panels. I made this a month ago, electrics fitted new. But have decided I need a more space. It's currently installed with 4 huge heat mats and...
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    I sold up my snakes about 2 years ago, never sold all the equipment and now my house has sold need to shift the remainder..... Hides and foliage.... 2 x 'small' exo terra hides - £3 each 9 x 'medium' exo terra hides - £4 each 1 x 'large exo terra hides - £5 1 x massive bag of plastic plants -...
  7. Equipment Classifieds
    I have various reptile equipment for sale. I am open for offers but all items are prices to sell. Items can be posted for an extra charge. Any questions please ask. Bowls- £3 each or 4 for £10. Plants- £3 each or £25 for all of them. Arcadia t5 starter unit- £20 U.V starter unit- £15 Pulse...
  8. Snakes
    Hey guys, as title suggests, what are peoples methods for creating a suitable heat gradient in a RUB, i have polystyrene boards covered in foil tape under my whole rub and mat, this is not a effective as i had hoped, and as a result my night time temps can get a bit low at the cold end. Anybody...
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    A few bits and pieces for sale. Collection preferred but I will post at buyers cost. Heat mats: All in working condition but show signs of use. Pro-Rep 430x280mm 20watts = £8 Pro-Rep 102x127mm 4watts (this is very small!)= £5 Pro-Rep 280x280mm 12watts = £7 Aquael FanFilter Fan Micro Water...
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    Hi I have for sale: 3 prorep 23"×11" heatmats £15 each 1 habistat 23"×11" heatmat £15 3 habistat temperature stats £20 each 1 habistat mat stat £16 If you want pictures, pm me your number and I will send via text I would love to upload pictures on here, but im on my phone, because my computer...
  11. Snakes
    Im after a heat mat around 30in x 6in...Can anyone help with my predicament on where to buy one of this size? :D
  12. Snakes
    I've just racked my corns and its the first time I've used one. I'm having an issue trying to get a steady temp. I'm using 17x11 mats and a pulse pro stat. Where is the best place to locate the stat probe? Can I just tape it to the edge of one of the mats? Currently just got it 'floating'...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    3 heat mats for sale, all fully working and include plug. £10 each ovno
  14. Snakes
    2011 Female Opal Cornsnake £40 - a lot smaller than her age suggests as she went off food for a while....eats fine now though. Leucistic Blue eyed white ratsnake - Adult approx 4-5 years old - sex unknown ( I think male but can check if required) pretty feisty, doesn't appreciate a cwtch ;) -...
  15. Equipment & Supplies
    need some help with choosing a stat to buy.. i will be running around 2-3 heat mats off of it at around 30-32c, hopefully i can buy a second hand one relatively cheap.. if anybody could advise me on what to buy, that would be brilliant! :2thumb:
  16. Equipment Classifieds
    am looking for heat mats, especially large ones. if you have any for sale or spares, either post or PM me and we can negotiate a price! thanks.
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    6 inch by 11 inch £10 11 inch by 11 inch £15 both work fine
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    I have the following available :2thumb: TWO 6x11 TWO 23x6 FOUR 35x6 Up to 15 (fifteen) more 35x6 will become available as snakes/geckos are sold :lol2: £5 each Please PM if interested
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    Here i have 2 mat stats. 1-microclimate mat stat 100w-- £15 2-habistat mat stat 100w £15 And also 4x 7watt heat mats 6x11 mats Open to offers and can post a buyers exspence
1-19 of 47 Results