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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi all I'm after some small heat matts, preferably the 6x11 but 11x11 are good too, I need around 20 of these a please get In touch if you have any, I'm k Hastings but willing to pay postage if your not local
  2. Habitat
    As per the title really - does anybody have any recommendations for a matt sealant which will protect a grouted/painted rock background in a humid, regularly sprayed setup? I am wanting matt purely for aesthetics, as I'm trying to (poorly!) replicate limestone for my cave geckos - so ideally I...
  3. Habitat
    Hi there Im just finishing off a viv unit and going to put my boa girl into her new 6ft viv, but Im not 100% sure about the eating method, would a heat-matt give off enough heat or am I going to need to get a reptile radiator ? Advice would be great cheers Laurie
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    i have 8 heatmatts to clear as no longer neaded..2 large ones 2 heatstrips and 4 small plugs..£40 posted..:gasp:
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    Can you use a dimmer stat on a heat matt? Cheers
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    hi. got this very good condition and working great. matt stat. living earth max 100w matt stat. on/off. will post for extra. PM me.
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    hi iam new to al of of this i have a microclimate dimma stat 600w magic eye. just wonderd can this be used on a heat mat insted of a bulb? thanks shane:2thumb:
  8. Snakes
    This is Kevin(Girlfriend named him). He is a Sonoran Dwarf Boa, I swapped him for my Scorps and tarantula's as well as a normal corn and normal royal, sad to see Sid my royal go but Kev is a real gem so it softens the blow a bit. Got Kevin from Matt at Elite Reptiles in Rugby, Kevin will be the...
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    two heat mats 35 ins x 11 ins in very good condition only abt 6months use just a bit of sticky tape mark at the sides. 6each no offers. pick up only.
1-9 of 10 Results