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    I'm new to owning/caring for a snake (I'm currently in the market and doing research, I don't own one yet) and I had a question on the lighting for a Mexican Black Kingsnake. I do know there needs to be a set daytime/nighttime cycle but I've been searching the internet and I can barely find...
  2. Snakes
    I have a 7 month male MBK and I’ve had him for about 3 months now. About a month ago he found a spot he loves to hang out in all day everyday tucked up underneath a rock bowl that no light reaches to. I have a great solar glow lighting system just for optimum health but it seems like being...
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    ISO MBK (Mexican Black Kingsnake) Let me know if you have 1 or 2 available. Thanks Mick
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    Wanted, female Mexican Black Kingsnake.
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    I aqquired this beautiful snake about a year ago with the idea to tame and keep it or rehome it, It was handled from a young age but by the time it came to me it had not had the handling required to tame it, leaving it extremely Viv defensive and a generally intolertant snake. I cleaned it up...
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    So after 4 months of waiting from a breeder and a few hiccups I finally took delivery of my MBK... Its 4 months old ( I put the deposit down when it was hatching ) so its a little noodle approx 12/13 inchs , I took delivery of it yesterday (Friday 24th) and transferred it to a small enclosure...
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    Im in the process of wanting a MBK if anyone has one. ( hatchling )
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    Cb14 male MBK proven the last 2 seasons but im too male heavy now. Solid black no speckling, very tame and feeds without fail on frozen/thawed every 7days
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    Hi Everyone. I have a Mexican Black Kingsnake, approximately 4-5 years old. She's currently in shed, and I snapped a photo of her and the flash went off accidentally. That's when I noticed these little dots around her eye. If you look, you can also see them towards the end of her scales on...
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    Hi Every collection should have at least one of the these stunning display snakes. One CB16 male Mexican Black King Snake. . Bred in Czech Republic. Perfect health - Eating, shedding and doing it should. Collection from Southend - will courier as long as its a proper...
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    Due to work and family commitments i cannot spend enough time to appreciate my little beauties. all do as they should. I have for sale; -adult pair of mexican black kings. both feeding like dust bins. Can be paired this coming season. Only to be sold as a pair. £275 for the pair. male mbk...
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    For Sale One Mexican Black Kingsnake (Sold to me as male but never probed personally). Typical King temperament usually sweet but gets a little food crazed at times (4YO) - £50 One Albino Californian Kingsnake. (female) Again usually very soft but can get a little food obsessed at times...
  13. Snakes
    I knew the little fella was a bit thick but you'd think he'd remember which was which after feeding! And nope, not due a shed either.
  14. Snakes
    Hi all I've been keeping an eye on RFUK for a few years now, often checking it daily, following threads and looking at photos, but haven't actually got round to registering until now. I just wanted to say thanks for all the guidance, advice and pics covering a wide range of topics on here, it...
  15. Snakes
    Hi, I'm new to RFUK so I'll introduce myself before jumping into the main topic. I'm Reeta, I have 3 corns, an MBK and 2 cats. Basically I'm starting a home zoo lol. A friend suggested this site hoping someone would be able to help or put my mind at ease. My issue is that my MBK- known as...
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    After a lot of thought and discussion we have decided to let some snakes go. We are doing this so that we can focus our efforts on the exact things we want to produce and streamline our collection, and be a bit more economic as we made a lot of silly impulse buys last year that we have since...
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    Have for sale the following, A male, roughly CB10 Mexican Black Kingsnake, eats and poos like every king snake.... far too much! haha! and sheds perfect every time. great temperament, doesn't musk rattle or bite. Asking £50, may be able to sort a setup out for additional cost. Next up, due...
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    Adult male MBK wanted. Must be as black as black as an MBK can be dorsally,with no spotting or striping,and as pearlescent as Mother of Pearl bellywise,again with no spotting,except for 2 chin spots.History with juvenile/sub adult pics appreciated.Any debate as to my preference and...
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    I'm soon getting a king snake (either cali or MBK) and was wondering how much space they need as hatchlings. I know that when they are adults the rule is if their length is 4ft you need a viv 3ft by 1ft. But what is the best for hatchlings? I don't want to have to buy a new viv every time he...
1-19 of 161 Results