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  1. Snakes
    Briefly mentioned this on another thread but it got lost in conversation, so thought id make a post asking for peoples general opinion. Adult Royals in Vivexotic Large range? Measurements (cm) = (LxDxH): 115 x 49 x 56 Im aware the length of the vivarium is sufficient but see some varied...
  2. Lizards
    so i have a 30 gal tank ready to be used. i got my 17 ft of heat cable (from zoomed) in mail today so i can begin to fix up the tank a bit. but i do have concerns, they might or might not sound dumb but bear with me. now the first one is what can i use to elevate the tank so it isnt literally...
  3. Snakes
    Hey guys, how do you take measurements of weight and length of your snakes??? Our CRB just will not stop moving! Although he has stopped trying to kill us, which is nice :P But he's just so inquisitive, he wants to climb up the bed, or the door, or our arms, it's just impossible to get him to...
  4. Snakes
    I want to purchase a baby boa but don't have a lot of room at the moment but we have shelving space that we don't use and can convert quite easily, its internal measurement are about 31.3" wide 13" high but we can make it as high as 18" or would 13" be ok? and 22.5" deep would that be suitable...
  5. Snakes
    As in the title, who has the biggest boa? Post pictures of the snake (preferably next to something comparable) and give an accurate length and weight. Overweight boas don't count. Any subspecies and localities are allowed but must be boa constrictor. Winner gets a :2thumb:
  6. Lizards
    I want to buy 2 new vivariums for my beardies, there grown and this is the last cage I will need to buy I have seen a cage at 36" length, 15" depth and 16" height is this suitable for a fully grown beardie? If not what measurements are?
  7. Spiders and Inverts
    _cm = legspan x__ = quantity 2cm P.irminia x7 3cm L.parahybana x63 4cm B.sabulosum (haven't seen these for a while) x12 4cm G.rosea x8 5cm B.albopilosum x3 7cm B.vagans x2 I do want rough individual prices. All measurement are rough, but probably accurate cheers
  8. Lizards
    ive heard 2 ways to determin the size of your bearded dragon, head to end of tail or head to base of tail (so the tail is not included in the measurment). so the question is, which is the true measurement?
  9. Snakes
    Hi, I was just wondering this because I have about this much space already and would save me resorting to buying a new viv. Would this be enough space for a california king or a mexican black king, even though they are colubrids ive heard that they like to climb. Would this be enough space or...
1-9 of 9 Results