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  1. Introductions
    Hi, My name is Sophie and I live in Sherborne in the southwest. I have always loved reptiles, and currently own a leopard gecko. Recently I moved and I can keep more reptiles :2thumb: I want to be more active in the herp community, and basically collect more pets!
  2. Other Pets and Exotics
    Hi everyone =) Sorry if I'm posting this in wrong place :blush: I've been looking into getting a pair of rats and found that this member(pied pythons) sells them in Cumbria which is great as I'm from the area also. I've sent her a PM a while ago but no reply yet and I saw that her last...
  3. I.H.S
    Has anyone else has become an associate member by registering on the website? I only ask because I have done and I got an email saying my membership would be approved by moderators, this was just over a week ago and just wondered if this was normal?
  4. Introductions
    Hello all, I'm a long time reader, new poster at RFUK, I've kept Herps since I was 14 (26 now) Leos and Beardies. Though Lately I'm a little obsessed with Cresties. I am from Manchester, UK I work in Crewe as an ASP.NET/C# Web Developer. I have 3 children and one on the way (We don't watch much...
  5. Introductions
    Hi all, I,m new to this forum although I am an experienced keeper of reptiles, I have in the past owned two royal pythons, one bearded dragon and though not a reptile a tarantula named Horace. I am now the proud owner of two bearded dragons named George and Mildred and I,m soon to be the owner...
  6. Snakes
    can anyone one help im trying to contact Casper1963 im lookin to buy something from him but cant seem to get hold of him. have emailed. pm and on facebook but he hasnt been online since sat. so a number would b helpful
  7. Snakes
    Just made an account here and thought i'd say what animals i keep (: so yeah i currently have a male water dragon as well as a 66% poss het for pied male royal (hoping to breed out once i have a female) and a dwarf sand gecko, hopefully i will have more animals in the near future. Thanks for...
  8. Snakes
    i need to delete my account and wana start a new one wiv a new name, but how do delete mine?
1-8 of 12 Results