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mercury vapour
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  1. Lizards
    Hi, we have a 3 month old male Panther Chameleon and we bought a complete setup that included a Mercury Vapour bulb but, I have read varying threads about using them, some good and some bad! Should I keep using the Mercury Vapour bulb or should I switch to a T5 bulb along with a basking bulb...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    I have a 100w Megaray mercury vapour basking bulb that i do not need. It was sent to replace a bulb that the filament had blown on and thee bulbs are covered with a one year guarantee. Where its a replacement bulb it no longer has this year cover, but as i am sure you are aware they are quality...
  3. Lizards
    I have a large crested gecko enclosure 4ft long and 4.5ft tall. The lamp will hang above the screen enclosure. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of bulb for my cresties? I want to add more heat and some uvb. Heres a look at the tank itself if this helps
  4. Equipment & Supplies
    Hey all, i was just wondering which is the best mercury vapour bulb? i have been told they are better for tortoises than a UV strip and heat lamp I have a lucky reptile bright control pro 50w but isnt this a metal halide?
  5. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hello, Ive ordered two 160W Exo Terra MV bulbs and I'm having some problems working out how Im going to mount them. My first though is a clamp lamp but Im having trouble finding a clamp lamp that will actually work with a 160W bulb. I went to pets at home and found the exo terra medium clamp...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    I have (qty 4) 125 watt Mercury Vapour bulbs for sale; new in boxes and manufactured by Hobby. These bulbs are suitable for Aquaria and Terraria and emit a bright white light, colour intensity is 6230 K and the Light Intensity is 5.800 Lm. These have good heat emmision. These bulbs do need to...
  7. Lizards
    Hi all, What's your opinion on Mercury Vapour Bulbs? I am currently using one for my Beardie, wondering if it's worth switching to a separate UV tube.
1-7 of 8 Results