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    Due to unfortunate circumstances at home I have to put my Merten's Water Monitor up for sale. He is captive bred and about 4 years old and measures between 30-36". He is a very good eater and currently on a mixed diet of day old chicks, mice and small rats. He is quite kitty but can be handled...
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    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have had to resort into putting my Merten's up for sale. he is a very healthy individual, measuring approximately 3ft and has no problem feeding (is currently fed on a variety of frozen thawed rodents and day old chicks), he is though slightly hissy, but when...
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    I have for sale TWO rare mertens water monitors (varanus mertensi) these are 3.5-4ft in length big healthy animals. they are up for £1800 ONO and I will do a payment plan if required (25% deposit rest within 4 monthly instalments and animals on completion T&C apply) they need a 8 by 4 by 4...
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    I have a large male mertens water monitor for sale. It's in perfect condition, perfect animal all round. around 4.5ft long price is £1000 or near offer willing to trade for similar priced varanus sp let me know what you got
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    1:1 pair of adults. Offers over £1600 Serious enquiries only and more pics sent only to potential buyers..
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    for sale is my Female Robert Mertens day gecko shes 2 years old and very healthy she laid 2 eggs a few months ago so is perfect for a breeding program. im open to reasonable offers for her she has to go to make room. she has a fully planted exo terra 60x45x45 ill take £100 for the viv but open...
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    There's plenty of growing do be done yet ... Hope some of you enjoy ..
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    Fresh advert as back up for sale , male mertens water monitor (Australian) in tip top shape a gorgeous looking rare monitor outside Australia.
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    Looking for female Mertens. Please email or PM me if you have one or know where I can get one. Seller must be able to export to the US. Rudd [email protected] 509-554-2646
1-11 of 11 Results