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mexican black king snake
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    Cb14 male MBK proven the last 2 seasons but im too male heavy now. Solid black no speckling, very tame and feeds without fail on frozen/thawed every 7days
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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could guess what gender my MBK is from these pics of its tail? I know you can't be sure without probing. Also is popping a for sure way to know the gender?
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    So I'm moving my ball python to a new terrarium, which is right next to my mexican black kingsnake terrarium. They are at the same level (on the floor), in 90-degree angle so that the corners of the terrariums almost touch each other. The thing is that in the new bp terrarium, which is wooden...
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    Mexican Black King male for sale , stunning snake ,for sale due to not being able to find a female . He's a young Mature male great to handle , taking adult mice and suitably sized rats , definitely not a fussy feeder . £80 no offers or sell me your Female . Collection from Worcester ,will...
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    MEXICAN BLACK KING SNAKES PROVEN PAIR Hiya I'm having to do downsize in my snake collection and have made the difficult decision in selling my proven pair of mexican blacks or mbks as some people call them. Both are healthy and she'd and poo as they should. They come with they're rubs and bowls...
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    Hallo, haven't posted here in an age. So here are some snaps from the past two days~ Mika (sorry for the blurs, she's fast) Zathura Venus & Sol getting frisky
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    Title says it all, Breeds every year laying over 20 eggs in a clutch.
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    Mexican Black King Snakes for sale £45 each Hatched beginning of June 2014 Males and females available and feeding well on defrosted pinkies Collection or buyer would need to arrange courier from Chudleigh, Devon Please pm for any more info thank you
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    Wanted, Mexican black king snake. Any age, sex considered. Preferably Norfolk/Suffolk area but would consider traveling to other areas. Thank you.
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    Does anyone know of any mexican black kingsnake breeders in South Wales?
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    So excited to have him! I have always loved the look of these little beauties :mf_dribble: Anyone else keep them?
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    Female is a 2011, currently eating 2-3 large mice weekly, nice and chunky. She is a bit jumpy when getting her out of the viv and will musk most of the time. She is fine once out. Approx 3.5 FT Male is a chunky 2012, currently eating 2-3 small mice weekly. He is tame even when getting him out...
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    20/03/13 Various Snakes: 24" Long Ribbon Snake Unsexed £35 CB12 Western Hognoses (x2 Avaliable) £60 Each CB12 Female Childrens Python £85 CB12 Normal Royal Python Unsexed £60 CB12 Normal Royal Python Male £60 CB12 Pastel Royal Python Male £120 CB11 Coastal Carpet Python Female £100 CB11...
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    Hey guys, as title says I have a late CB11 male Mexican black King snake, up for sale partly due to house move, and partly due to me wanting to concentrate on other things. He is around 2.5ft and and is an absolute pleasure to keep, feeds weekly on large mice, handles well and is always out and...
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    I have my believed male CB11 Mexican black king snake for sale, I'm trying to thin down my collection a bit due to money, time and space restraints. He's around 2.5-3ft and is Gorgeous! Feeding weekly on medium to large mice Looking for £50 or swap for other reptiles/ equipment (exo Terra's in...
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    hiya i'm looking for a female mexican black king snake also known as the MBK snake around 3ft or 2-4 years of age. i need one quite badly as i'm looking to pair her with my male. i can travel so please let me know if ya have one for sale!!
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    Hey guys. It pains me to have to do this, but due to family circumstances that are beyond my control I have had to put up my beautiful little girl Lilith up for sale. I admit now that I am not 100% sure she is a not a hybrid, since she does have some bands on her, but she is beautiful and...
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    approx 2yrs old, eats sheds and poos fine. she is a very calm snake and has never struck or bitten. She can come with her 2ft beech viv (in good condition) with all thats inside, this includes heat mat, hide, water bowl, substrate, decor etc. will sell the lot for £100. inbox me for more details...
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    She has been mated with a chocolate and yellow Cali King, she has done her pre lay shed, so due to lay eggs in the next 15 days. Extremely tame, strike feeds, very nice example. Only selling as she doesn't fit in with my plans. No viv just the snake.
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    hi rfuk i have a adult female mexican black king snake she is a very good feeder and she is tame and shed and poos as she should i no these are quiet hard to get hold of at the moment as and she will be ready to breed very soon i can send pics to your phone if u want to see her i am looking for...
1-20 of 57 Results