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mexican king snake
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    :2thumb: Hi I am selling my mexican kingsnake and vivarium. He's a male and the best part of three foot long, shed his skin yesterday. He thinks my fingers are food and so I have decided he should go to someone a bit younger than me and can handle him better. there are a few frozen mice...
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    Hi I have a male mexican Kingsnake who until a few weeks ago was really placid, suddenly he took a liking to my fingers and thumb being food and often goes for them, he even goes for them when I'm taking out the plastic lock on his vivarium. Needless to say have become a little wary of him. When...
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    yesterday we brought home a Mexican black king snake and have settled him into his tank. He has been hidden in his hide since we put him in and just wanted to see if this was normal behaviour as he settles in and if there is anything else we could do to ease him in?
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    Hi young adult female of breedable size , age .Mexican black king snake wanted for my cracking male . Will even consider an existing breeding pair , as someone else on the forum is after a male . Will arrange courier if your to far to collect . All the best Chris
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    Going to buy a new vivarium for my adult king snake this week, since he's outgrown his current one. We've had a hard time measuring him but we think he's about 3'3" or so, and he should hit full size pretty soon now that I've moved him up from mice to rats. I've been looking online and a 3ft...
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    Hi My Mexican King Snake is currently shedding and i placed one of those takeaway boxes in full of water to soak, is this too big or should i use something smaller? Thanks Louis
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    I am selling my male black mexican king snake he is 3 foot long and has white stripes under his neck. He eats and sheds well and is on large mice, he can be feisty so will need to go to someone who has experience in handling snakes. If you would like pic let me know Would like him to go to...
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    hi there is anyone takeing any mexican king snakes to the doncaster show? as i'm looking for a pure black one n dont wanna travel all tht way just for nothin... ta : victory:
1-8 of 8 Results