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    1 x Microclimate Evo for sale, fully working - £100 1x Microclimate prime 2 stat, fully working - £100 Pick up only
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    WANTED I'm Looking for used Reptile radiator Microclimate AHS (250 not 500!) Microclimate Evo Stat ( Would consider evo lite) Pm me offers, with used not new prices please, if I wanted to pay new prices, I'd buy new! Thank You.
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    I have ordered 3 microclimate evos and seem to have scratches on all of them. The first I ordered I sent back as the control box was scratched to bits and the screen had finger prints all over it plus the back of the screen had a lose screw. The customer service from the company I used was...
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    I have 4 of these great stats for sale. They touch activated, pulse and day/night and have an alarm. They are all in great condition and come with the box. Discounts available for multiple purchases.
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    I have a bit of a dilemma I have two vivariums setup one using a 50w deep heat projector with a microclimate evo lite, and the second viv has a 80w deep heat projector with a microclimate evo lite, my problem is as follows setup A = 80w deep heat projector + microclimate evo lite set on...
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    Anyone know if these guys still deal with the public direct. I've an issue with an Evo pro yet 2 messages sent on their website contact form has yielded no response - not the best way to handle customer services!
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi selling my microclimate prime 2, bought it few years back but no longer in to keeping reptiles so it's up for sale, brand new never used
  8. Equipment & Supplies
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    I have a Vivexotic AX36 complete with the stand and divider making two vivs, all in Tobacco Walnut (dark wood). The viv was completely siliconed when first built so can not be dismantled (buyer could dismantle at their risk but I would want payment first) The top viv is fitted with a...
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    Exo-Terra Thermoelectric Reptile Egg Incubator – (X1) – £100.00 Exo-Terra 450mm x 450mm x 600mm Glass Terrariums – (X2) – £80.00each or £150.00both * These are modified with a plastic panel replacing the existing stainless steel mesh cover and fitted with a reptile radiator* Exo-Terra Glass...
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    hi everyone! just purchased a 11 month old beardie and a viv which ive fitted a microclimate B1 dimming light (brand New). the problem that i am having is when i turn on the basking lamp and the two uv tube lights, the basking light keeps glowing bright and them dimming constantly. now, if i...
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    Hi everyone, i have a single microclimate prime 2 for sale, has only been used for a couple of days and comes in original box. this is being sold as i prefer the habistat digital dimmers and wont use this to its full capabilities. £70 posted or £60 collection. any questions feel free to ask.
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    I have a microclimate ministat 300 for sale, it is in good working order. It is the white with black lettering model not the new black with neon lettering. Selling as I have upgraded to a Microclimate B1ME / HT £15 posted
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    Stats for sale in stafford £15 ministat 100 ministat 300 habistat mat-stat located in stafford all in good condition digital thermometers £2.50 also have a microclimate prime 1 for £60
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    I have 5 of these for sale, used for a year, so still 4 years warranty remaining. Excellent clean condition and i still have the boxes for them. 2 or the output sockets have had the single plug sockets changed to double, so you can run 2 heat sources with each probe, this can be changed back...
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    Here's your chance to own everything you need to set up a professional vivarium for you reptile at a fraction of the price! All you will need after buying this little lot is a tank and your choice of Reptile! Microclimate Ministat 100. ProRep Basking Spot Lamp 40w ES. ProRep Red Night Spot...
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    I have two of these for sale at the moment, snap them up quick :whistling2 Be accurate with the ground-breaking Evo is the first touch-screen digital thermostat designed specifically for controlling the environment in reptile enclosures and brings many exciting new features. - 1200W (600W per...
1-17 of 162 Results