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    Random question from an old timer. Back in my day (grumble, grumble youth of today etc) Milks were VERY easily come by. Sinaloans were quite common and cheap. That just doesn't seem the case any more? Im really interested in getting a pair of tangerines, but it seems a no go. What happened...
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    Currently looking for unrelated sub adult or adult pairs of t+ nelsons, tangerine, apricot, Halloween milksnakes. Max £250 per pair Super Dwarf retics in motley goldenchild, open to negotiation for the right one. Can collect within 100 miles East Yorkshire or courier using CBM
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    Drop me a message if you're selling either of the above please. 1.1 mexican hatchlings, adult subs 0.1 Pueblan adult Maybe interested in 1.0 Milk snake phase Nuevo Leon I'm attending Doncaster
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    looking for a female Publean milk juvenile at size to breed next season. Will be running a table at Doncaster 23 June or can pickup along route Norwich- Kings Lynn - A17 or even de-tour via Peterboro. Also on the look out for other kings or rat snakes. low end morphs as don't expect to have too...
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    CB18 Tangerine Albino Honduran Milksnakes 2 X Males Eating Defrost Mice £70 Each Collection Gravesend Kent Open to Trades
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    Well, I've had Wednesday for about 8-9 years or so. I rescued him/her (unsexed) from a closing pet shop unaware of how to look after a snake properly but was certain I'd do a better job than them! Wednesday sheds fine, feeds fine and doesn't like a bath. I've never been tagged or struck at but...
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    Peublan Milk Snake and Westetn Hognose. Both CB14. Both unsexed. £20 each or £30 for both. Collection Manaton on n Dartmoor Devon.
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    I need to give up these two guys as I am in the military and have had a big change in my work routine. I got them before I joined but now my routine means I am no longer home as often as I would like and cannot give them the time and effort they deserve. The boa is male and 8 ft and the milk...
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    looking for some milk snakes
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    Looking for some Milk Snakes please let me now what you have and price :2thumb:
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    Im am looking for pueblan and / or Honduran milk and cali King snakes , sub adult or adult . Please get in touch with what you have please my number is 07538757643 - Thankyou
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    Looking for any proven breeder or breeding weight female royals (any morphs but mainly multiple gene het pieds) Albino tangerine Honduran milk snakes Red bamboo rat snakes High end Kenyan sand boas Scaleless corns Cash waiting. Text me on 07455851555
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    Selling on behalf of my nephew, milk snake and setup. Eating well, shedding well and tame. Around 7 years old. Should be a bit bigger than it is. Nephew probably wasn't consistent with the feeding but is being fed up as much as possible. £40 the lot, slight damage on tank lid. Thanks, Luke
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    I have for sale CB14 Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake and CB14 Spotted Kingsnake both are unsexed. The milk snake is close to 3ft and the king snake is a little bit over 3ft. They eat poop and shed fine. I am located in Birmingham. I would do collection only, but I am willing to bring them to...
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    Monkfield snake rack 12 large Cadbury style plastic boxes Heated with cable Includes an untested Microclimate DL2 thermostat Good condition and would suit small colubrids Collection from Grays, Essex
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    Im thinking of getting a milk snake i have experience with boa,pythons and corns, Is there any advice or tips on keeping them also any knowledge on there genaral behavour would be helpful thanks in advance.
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    Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis 2015 EXTREME TANGERINE HYPO MILK SNAKE 1.1 PAIR These was a future project, a stunning extremely bright example. There babies will sell very quickly, making this a great investment. Quite a rare morph especially in the UK. No Offers. £300 otherwise I will...
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    To all Hondy lovers out there. Check out my super lovely stunning Tangerine Honduran Milksnakes. 2015 hatchlings, now 10 months old and growing rapidly. One Male, One Female. Both eating heartily on defrosted rat Fuzzies. Both in great health. These beautiful and brightly coloured milksnakes...
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    I have for sale a sub-adult female Pueblan milkshake. Lovely snake, feeds and handles well. £35. I might consider swaps.
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    Does anyone know anyone that will ship either one of the more colourful King Snakes or a Milk Snake to the Isle of Man. I am having a real hassle trying to find anyone that will... Any help would be much appreciated... James
1-20 of 282 Results