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    Anyone got a male sinaloan or nelsons milk snake for sale northwest
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    hi i have 3 milk snakes for sale all different types was planing on breeding but i just never get round to find male for these 3. had them for around a year now and i dont think i'm going to get around to starting up the breeding project so time for them to go. 1st Is a Pueblan £100 sub...
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    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a male triple het Honduran milksnake. Any age considered. thanks
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    Hi, I have a pueblan milksnake, probably about a year to two years old (he is a rescue so not sure exactly of his age). He has been off his food for a few weeks now. Some people have suggested he may have been brumating and this is why he didn't want to eat but now that it is May I am getting...
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    I know there are two line of Honduran milksnake (tangerine and tricolor ) And we'd better not to cross the streams when breeding. But when I got a ghost, and do not know it's parents, how could I know which line the ghost in?
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    Hi guys Sadly looking to sell these two girls due to getting out of the hobby. Offers considered 0.1 CB16 Anery Honduran Milksnake Eats, poops, sheds perfect. Never had any problems. Comes with feeding records. 0.1 CB15 Pastel Calico Royal Python Perfect snake - eats, poops, sheds perfect...
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    I see a lot of people when suggesting a first time good snake not mentioning the milk snake.Personally i love its coloration and i can't understand why a lot of youtubers always recommend a ball python or a corn snake as for beginners.Is there a reason?
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    Looking for cb16/17 Milksnake morphs, preferably Honduran or Pueblan but others will be looked at, planned clutches or currently available hatchies both fine. Ideally to pick up from September Doncaster to allow for time to set up for them. Message me or post here!
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    Advertised on behalf of a friend. Following Proven 2013 Adults Red Albino Western Hognose- Male £80 Orange Albino Western Hognose- Female £150 Tangerine Albino Honduran Milksnake-Male £60 Hypo Tricolour Honduran Milksnake- Male £60 Ghost Honduran Milksnake- Male £60 Hypo Tricolour Honduran...
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    As the title says really, I am after a Pueblan Milksnake. I'm in the West Midlands
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    For sale: One adult apricot pueblan milk snake. Sex is unknown. It is fed on large mice and never misses a fed. Sheds well. It comes with: • Three foot, mussel (off white) VivExotic vivarium which is in excellent condition • Two heat mats • Thermostat • Large Exo Terra water bowl • Large Exo...
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    Hey all, I'm a new snake owner and I've had my baby milksnake for about a month. He was a hatchling when we got him so he's still technically a hatchling or a baby now. He's quite small. He's eating every 5 days, one day-old F/T pinkie. I've been waiting for him to shed. I handle him about...
  13. Equipment & Supplies
    Ok this might be a weird question. I have a light dimmer for my milksnake as a temporary measure while I save up for a Herpstat. (I'm looking at the Intro+). The light dimmer actually works well and I'm wondering if there's a way to combine the two later. As in... Tank > Herpstat > Dimmer >...
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    I have a male milksnake with 3ft vivarium for sale. This includes snake, heatmatt, light fittings and decorations and hides. He is roughly 14 months old and a very pretty snake.
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    We've had a milksnake for about 12 years. It was for my son who is now abroad. In spite of being almost phobic about snakes I've learned to look after him/her (I don't even know which). I'm concerned about 'it' now as it hasn't eaten for about two months. In that period it shed its skin twice...
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    Hi I have the following for sale: Brazilian Rainbow Boas 2 female 1 male? One of the females is proven, (females poss gravid now) - £200 each £450 trio Albino Honduran milksnakes - Proven breeding pair £100 (2008) Tri colour triple het. milksnake - female - £60 (2010) Honduran milksnake - female...
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    I have for sale a sub-adult female Pueblan milkshake. Lovely snake, feeds and handles well. £35. I might consider swaps.
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    I have for sale a stunning 2 year old female Pueblan milkshake. She is a great feeder and extremely easy to handle. £35 ono.
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    Female,feeding on defrost fluffs and great to handle.:welcome:
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    Hi guys, Lovely little female snow Honduran feeding well on defrost ready to go.:2thumb:
1-20 of 187 Results