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    Last weekend my partner had family come down to stay in the local area (too many to stay with us), some have a serious phobia of snakes. On the Friday night I returned home, checked on all my vivs before bed as I do, but having changed some of the set ups that morning I was especially cautious...
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    Adult male cave racer, last seen yesterday morning, escaped from the shed where I house all my reptiles. If you see any sign of him in the Bromborough area, please phone 0151 334 2343. Thank you.
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    I woke this morning and to my utter dismay my royal had opened his viv and consequently has gone missing.. He is 11months old and doesnt know the layout of the house ..I am distraught.. He was up and active with me for 5 hours before i put him in his viv at 2 a.m this morn.. usually he just...
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    I'm just in a total mess. We have a female royal python. I'll be honest, I wasn't keen on her to begin with as she was my fella Christmas present but the last 3months I couldn't keep my hands off her. I've become so attached, she's everything to me... We've been hit by an upsetting and...
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    My baby corn snake has went missing!! :(. I've had him for a month and half and he's somehow escaped!! I'm worried ill never get him back. The tank is in my spare room next to a cupboard that is under the stairs. I'm afraid he's gotten under the floorboards and I'll never see him again. I love...
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    Any hints or tips on how to find a missing royal she's only 500g so still small, I've read the missing snake sticky so just looking for any more hints or tips
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    i know it is a long shot but has anyone seen this boa it was stolen from my house with various other reptiles( which are now home safe) im still searching for my final missing snake this snake was stolen on 28 september
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    Hi all, A snake was handed in to a vets in Henley about a week ago as it was found in someone's house (not the owner). We've now been given this snake to foster while the owner is found. If anyone in Henley is missing a snake then please pm me with the species and size of snake and we'll let...
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    I doubt there is anything that I can do now but thought I would ask for some advice. The story was that I lost a snake several months ago. I had given up hope on finding her but today she turned up in a new neighbours house! Well instead of asking around who owned it her bf threw it outside on...
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    Hey guys, I'm posting for a buddy of mine who doesn't have Internet. His radiated rat snake has escaped last weekend in Lancaster, wondered if anyone had heard anything about it? And also if it's still in the house any tips on capturing him.
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    I got a hatchling corn in Feb who, after a couple of weeks, decided to leave home. I was convinced she was dead poor little mite. However, my neighbour found her yesterday huddled under his bin in the back garden....4 months after she went AWOL. I'm so happy she's ok. she looks healthy still...
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    Hello, my daughter leopard gecko was in a cage, with hole that a small cricket would struggle to get out.Leo Missing for 8 days then she was found, so we moved her to a cage which was smaller but had a lid, so I knew she was 1000% safe. So, after we bought her a king snake, and he was 2ft long...
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    I have just found my Royal Python but unfortunately was too late. I would like to start this thread to help people find their lost snakes before it’s too late. Please can anybody who’s ever lost their snake add where they found it? I found my snake inside the dishwasher under the pump. I have...
1-13 of 13 Results